mardi 13 novembre 2007

Mine is bigger than yours


Last Sunday a mammoth sale contract worth something in the order of 20 B $ has been signed between the Emirates company and EADS, the European airplane manufactor of Airbuses. That's fine of course, for the European aircraft industry.

Yesterday, it was Boeing which could boast of another multi billion $ worth sale to another company. That's fine for the north-American aircraft industry.

Boeing and Airbus have been competitors for nearly 30 years by now and regularly we're informed that one of them has taken the lead in the world market for civil planes. Boeing is ahead for three years in a row, then Airbus comes back and takes first place, then Boeing reacts and overpasses Airbus etc. ad nauseum.

You could wonder if this is a biking competition or what? What kind of ego wrestling is that? Each company has roughly a 50% stake of a market none of them could serve alone. There's place for the two of them (until the Chinese come and settle the score maybe...) and any airplane company wouldn't want to be forced to rely upon one sole aircraft manufactor.

I fully understand the necessity for each company to enhance one's own prestige with these sorts of successes but really, which message are they sending to whom? The bankers? The airplane companies? The general public?

Or maybe it's just some sort of silly game set up by some journalists in order to add some entertainment in the technical section of their newspapers, radio, TV outlets..;/

Just yesterday, an individual bought a A 380 for himself. Yes sir!

Now, when AirForce ONE will be an A 380 that will mean something

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