mercredi 5 novembre 2014

What Hemingway missed in Paris

Since his ''A moveable feast'' memoirs were published 50 years ago, Ernest Hemingway has epitomized the very symbol of Parisian appeal to educated Americans. Yet, it has been 90 years since he spent the better years of his youth in the French capital and though the Paris he knew hasn't changed much since then, many, many monuments, museums, bridges, parcs and views have been added to the Parisian skyline.

Here are the most important of them:

The Louvre pyramide of course, built by an American architect (1985).


Arab World Institute (1987)

Parc de Bercy (1993). 

Hemingway indeed has missed quite a lot in Paris but he couldn't know of course since all these buildings, parcs, bridges and monuments have been created long after his death.

There are always new projects in the making in Paris and 2015 will see the opening of the Philharmonie de Paris. Curiously enough, the French capital never had a philharmonie before. 

Am I happy to live in Paris? Yes
Am I happy to pay taxes so that part of my money is used to create architectural  masterpieces? Yes, yes and yes!