lundi 12 novembre 2007

Annoying Frenchies.

Back in 1780 a young Frenchman set sail to the shores of America and landed in Boston’s harbor. He was bound to join General Washington. No further clue is required, right*? Well, the name of the frigate on which he travelled was “l’Hermione”, a boat that sank unceremoniously on September 20, 1793 off the coast of Brittany

The Association Hermione-La Fayette has now made it its “raison d’être” to rebuilt the warship exactly as it was 225 years ago with techniques and tools of the time!

And while it took approximately 6 months in the 18th century to build a frigate, it will take as much as 12 years this time around, essentially due to financing concerns. But as this undertaking was launched in 1997 it should be completed by 2009 and launched with a maiden trip to Boston 2 years later.

So after Yorktown, the Statue of liberty and the always friendly approach France has had toward America, now comes another symbol of friendship. Notwithstanding the hard times she’s sometimes having from America, France simply doesn’t pay attention and keeps on displaying gestures of goodwill and amity towards America

Now the question is: why are the French so annoying? 

L’Hermione, La Fayette and America:

“The frigate which the King gave me”, as La Fayette phrased it, was the frigate “L’Hermione”, entirely built and outfitted in the shipyards of the Rochefort Arsenal. She was appointed - by order of Louis XVI’s royal cabinet - to the secret mission La Fayette had been entrusted with, a mission consisting in informing General Washington of the imminent arrival of sea and land military supports which were meant to help him in the rebellion of the American “insurgents” against British tyranny.

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LASunsett a dit…

Hi Flocon,

I am not sure the word annoying is appropriate.

In actuality, many Americans don't think about France much. In fact, many cannot even tell you who the Secretary of State is, the name of their Congressman, or their U.S. Senators.

Americans are funny creatures. They are fiercely proud (like the French) and have this inner sense of individuality and independence.

There are no Americans alive that can ever remember an attack on the U.S. mainland, prior to 9/11. On the other hand, many of your countrymen and women can still recall the horrors of war, from WWII. One lady I know, who has been an American for many years now and was born and raised in Germany, still can remember seeing the bombed buildings, as a child. This is why I think many Europeans are not quick to endorse war.

As for the disconnect between our two nations, I think it can be best summed by an analogy:

Brothers and sisters argue, disagree, and sometimes fight. But when all is said and done, they are still brothers and sisters.

There is much competition between brothers and sisters, hence the term sibling rivalry. Sometimes disagreements (like Iraq) may put a strain on the relationship and they may even have to agree to disagree, on certain topics. But when the balloon goes up, they will help each other as best as they can.

I see all of Europe as a mother of sorts. We got much of our culture from you and still gravitate towards the customs and culture that has been known as European, for the duration of our existence. We may modify things a little to suit our tastes, but in the end, it still has it's roots in Europe.

Most educated American people are cognizant of this fact. Those that are not are egocentric and have little awareness outside their little fenced in world.

So, in essence, i do not think that the French are annoying. At times, I may view some of them as overly sensitive and prone to (some degree of) rivalry (which is mostly healthy), but not annoying.

So, will the ship stay here? Or will it return to France?

Flocon a dit…

Hi LA,

1°) Regarding the word "annoying", I suppose I had the French meaning of it in my mind when I wrote the post. I meant something like "a bit irritating" by not answering a tit for a tat to the bad vibes coming from Washington 4 years ago. The choice of word was a bit provocative I admit.

2°) "many Americans don't think about France much"
I have no doubt about it and it's better to keep oneselves at bay. Each people has so many fishes to fry rather than to be obsessed with what the neighborgs think...
Yet, I have a post in the making dealing with this thema you're indicating.

3°) "will the ship stay here? Or will it return to France?"
No, after the crossing of the pond and some festivities along the east coast, the ship will return to France, Rochefort, where it is currently being built and turned into a museum.
Free entrance for Americans from Indianapolis garanteed... ;-)

LASunsett a dit…

//Free entrance for Americans from Indianapolis garanteed.//

Good. I'll tell everyone. There's only about 1.25 million of us in the Indy metro area. That shouldn't be too much trouble should it?

I'll tell them to use your name to get in. ;)