dimanche 11 octobre 2009

The caïd from Neuilly strikes again (and it stinks)

In 1970 Dustin Hoffman played the main part of "Little big man"

Americans don't know how lucky they are cos' here in France we have little little man as president...

The gang leader in the Élysée palace has decided that his son (23) will soon preside over the EPAD, a gigantic bureaucratic body in charge of La Défense area, which goal and ambition are to compete with the City of London.

This gives you a notion of the money involved.

Now, the president's son, aged 23, hasn't even completed his studies in law at la Sorbonne, in fact he's doubling his second year and he has the nerve to declare he's fit for the job because he knows all the issues.

Of course mum is the word on the French MSM, TVs or radios alike, and the only way to get some information about this blatant act of nepotism is to look into newspapers and the blogosphere.

As you can expect, all the sycophants in the caïd's party are publicly bowing in front of daddy and sonny, although it is well known that privately many teeth are really grinding. Particularly those of the guys who've been around for 20, 30 years, when daddy's son wasn't even born.

Are there any limits to indecency? No, there aren't when one is a gang leader, mafia style.

Save for Italy and maybe Greece or Bulgaria, no other country in Europe has such a bunch of corrupt and rotten politicians.

Make no mistake here. The situation isn't any better on the left side.

For what I know, Americans don't have much respect for their politicians but it can't be worse than here in France.


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Flocon a dit…

For more information about the last caïd's act of "I have decided"
you can go here :


Anijo a dit…

little little man

he he

Your commentary is trenchant and unremitting.

the only way to get some information about this blatant act of nepotism is to look into newspapers and the blogosphere.

As you well know, the tv and radio MSM here in the U.S. are useless for actual information and mainly serve as entertainment, or a jousting match amongst two uninformed talking heads. I do find, however, that Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, and Charlie Rose and Frontline of PBS, usually cover the topics normally not even touched by the others.

At least now I know what you mean by the caïd from Neuilly.

However, said caïd could never ever be as horrible and frightening as George Bush, who is the worst president ever of the U.S. It will a long long long time before we ever recover from the devastion wrought upon our land from the eight years of his destruction.

Anijo a dit…

By the way, and this is off topic, but I have been looking at your feed list and I do note a lot of people visiting your blog via the Sex, Love and Passion à la Français post. I noticed that two of the most recent visitors arriving in this manner were from the Palestinian Territory and Islamabad... hmmm..

Flocon a dit…

"Your commentary is trenchant and unremitting."

ZapPow, who's slightly more Sarkophile than me, will eventually correct my commentary...

Regarding the "Sexe, Love and Passion à la française", I wrote a post about it on September the 24th.

Actually, this post represents about 6% of all the visits on "Shall we talk". The first visited post among the 300 I have written.

And as you've noticed, a majority of them comes from Muslim countries. And yes, it speaks volume...

But not only. There are also visitors from Norway, the US, Canada etc. One Canadian from Toronto came by searching on Google "Mitterrand bigamist"...

This link will give you information about the location of recent visitors to the blog.


By cliquing on the flags you will know what post the visitors wanted to get access to.

ZapPow a dit…

ZapPow, who's slightly more Sarkophile than me, will eventually correct my commentary...
Huh ! Am I ?

I have nothing to correct here. I agree 100 % with the commentary. It is a blatant case of favoritism (and it would be even if the young prince had any competence, or diplomas). When you look at the ethics of a De Gaulle, you can't stop considering that France has sunk very low. And the worse is that Nicolas the 1st will probably be reelected (which is to despair of the french people).

Flocon a dit…


La droite du temps de De Gaulle, c'était encore la droite conservatrice, assez rance, pas non plus totalement désintéressée par l'argent mais qui avait effectivement une certaine éthique (éducation catholique du Général; puis l'homme lui-même, un militaire) avec même quelques velléités sociales (la participation).

Ce n'est pas un de Gaulle ni même un Pompidou qui se serait abaissés à un procès vis-vis de qui que ce soit. Et pourtant Pompidou avait les noms de ceux qui étaient à l'origine de la rumeur sur sa femme :


On trouve déjà le nom de Marchiani


Toujours est-il que Pompidou sut tenir son rang.

Quant à Sarko il en est à vouloir suspendre à un croc de boucher celui qu'il a dénoncé comme coupable...

C'est précisément avec Pompidou (ex banquier) et plus encore évidemment avec Giscard qu'on est passé de la droite conservatrice à la droite libérale dont le seul moteur est l'argent, l'argent, l'argent.

Alors La Princesse de Clèves tu penses"...


And the worse is that Nicolas the 1st will probably be reelected (which is to despair of the french people).

Bush a bien été réélu... c'est ça la démocratie :-(

On peut toujours espérer, Giscard a bien été battu (pas de tant que ça d'ailleurs) mais il avait une pointure en face.

SI c'est Royal qui s'y recolle, c'est plié.

On ne peut échapper à Sarko 2 que si un type de droite se présente.
Bayrou, Juppé, DSK, De Villepin je prends l'un des 4 sans hésitation.

Dans le cas de Villepin on pourrait penser qu'il est cuit pour toujours mais en politique...
En plus on ne sait pas de quel excès fatal Sarko est capable...

Quant il y eut la dissolution de 1997, j'étais persuadé que Chirac, cette fois, ne pourrait s'en remettre. 5 ans plus tard il était réélu! Et avec 19% au premier tour seulement!!

Bon, circonstances exceptionnelles...

Mais c'est vrai qu'on est tombé bien bas, bien bas.

On peut imaginer un nouveau mouvement social maousse costaud (a major social upheaval for JoAnn...). Oui, on peut imaginer mais il ne faur pas rêver...

Ah on est mal barré c'est sûr :-(

Anijo a dit…

Merci Flocon.
D'après Fredak.com
puissant. Popularisé par la publicité de Omo mettant en scène des chimpanzés parlant un langage particulier à base d'argot (touti rikiki mais maousse costaud).

J'ai cru que c'etait peut-être qqchose comme Mighty Mouse.

Flocon a dit…

There's no trying to fool you Anijo...

You'll always find the link which explains everything!

Quelle fine mouche décidément.. ;-)

(And once again Blogger doesn't recognize my password... grrr)

Anijo a dit…

Quelle fine mouche décidément.. ;-)

Whenever I see this phrase I think back to my misunderstanding long ago. Too funny.