jeudi 8 octobre 2009

I've heard it before

Eh oui, c'était My Sweet Lord (1970) qui a valu quelques déboires juridiques à George.

Il a fini par racheter les droits de la chanson.

Les processus de la création artistique sont mystérieux parfois.

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Anijo a dit…

Mon dieu. Je suis absente et te voile déjà avec plein de billets.

Alors cette chanson c'est pour EYGH? ;)

Flocon a dit…

Eh Eh, I didn't think about that but now you tell me, may be my inconscious was trying to lure her back here... ;-)

Jan de Bondy a dit…

(Cet homme vous demander de l'excuser…il doit expliquer concepts au sujet de techniques audiovisuel en anglais pour éviter issus majeurs du dialecte. « On dit 'effaceur', en lieu 'gomme' »)

Find attached this electronic message, a sound file revised of pitch -- it is of incontestable evidence the semblances shared by the songs "My Sweet Lord" (MSL) and "He's So Fine" (HSF).

Though different musical keys and chords were utilized, the two songs have a musical structure which is [mathematically] parallel, and by consequence, interchangeable. The attached sound file is of incontestable evidence one could perform MSL utilizing the musical key and chords of HSF -- as equally HSF and MSL.

Bien à vous et vos,



Flocon a dit…

Hi Jan,

I've received and listened to your file, unfortunately I'm at a lost as to how to put it on the blog???

It may be possible (not sure) but as I've said before, I ain't no geek in these matters :-(

Yet it must not be rocket science but when you don't know, you don't know...

Anyway, ever since MSL was released, nobody could contest the very similarity between the HSF and MSL.

Anijo a dit…

I could not really notice the similarity. I look forward to listening to the sound file. I have some musician friends who it will be interesting to go over this with.

Anijo a dit…

Oh I just noticed the sound file is not posted here.. Maybe I can find it somewhere.