vendredi 23 octobre 2009

Jews on high seas.

Whether R or D, every American administration since the end of WWII has had one intangible dogma in foreign policy : unconditional support to the State of Israel, through thick and thin and whatever the cost.

And yet, it hasn't always been the case.

Up to 1944, Jews were immigrants like others, coming mainly from Europe, more precisely from the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They later arrived from Greece, Poland, Germany but very few from France. One may wonder why, since it's so evident according to the American MSM that France is a hotbed of anti-Semitism...

They were accepted as immigrants like everyone was, not because they were Jewish but because America had a vital need for an ever increased number of individuals in order to populate her such large territory.

In their vast majority, Americans are all in favour of the Jews. Nothing wrong with that. But how much do they know about the dramatic fate of the Jews fleeing the Nazi persecutions aboard the MS St. Louis (1939)

The Jews aboard were denied entry on US soil and had to be returned to Europe, in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and... France, yes, this most horrific anti-Semite country. 224 of them were allowed to disembark in France when the US turned them down!!!

The official American stance about Jews began changing with F.D. Roosevelt in 1944 and, the year after, with the discovery of the concentration camps and the Holocaust.

Back home, the Jewish organisations, communities, committees, fund raisers etc. then undertook a program of sensibilisation to the peculiar situation of the Jews, both towards the political and economical elite and the American people.

By mean of guilt, entrism (by 1940 there were about 3 millions Jews in the US), subliminal identification process between Americans who, in the first place, were refugees from European religious intolerance and the Jews who also were persecuted in Europe for their faith, using another analogy between the chosen people and the manifest destiny, the Jewish community succeeded into pressing the US to put on the UN agenda the creation of a specifically Jewish State.

Then there was this movie, Exodus (1960) by O. Preminger based on a novel by Leon Uris (look for yourself what his origins were), were it was plain to see that we were witnessing a revival of the Mayflower odyssey, with persecuted people in search of the promised land.

Like the former American colonials, the Jews had to start to build a nation from scratch, in lands stolen to Arabs who then became their arch enemies. Can't anybody see this other analogy with how Americans proceeded during the American Old West period, chasing the Native Indians into Indians reservations?

After so many parallels were set up between the Americans and the Jewish people, how could one wonder why Americans, by and large, consider the Jews like their closest allies, the ones they have the duty to protect, both peoples being so religious and tied to each others by so many bonds?

How grateful the Israelis have been!!! How many Americans remember or even know about what happened to the USS Liberty?

From which other country would America have tolerated such an act of war? Iran?

Israelis said it was a mistake. Strangely enough, the American Navy didn't believe one word of the Israeli version.

Links abound on this matter like Here and the subsequent links.

And to top it all, the Israelis regularly send spies in the US

There are many more links about Israeli spies in the US but, as far as I can see, they originate from far rightists American groups so I abstain to link them.

Yet, there are anti-Semite factions in the US, like the American Nazi Party.

60 years after the Jewish comunity took hold of the State department and has imposed its doxa to the American MSM, no wonder America is now so tied to Israel's interest that she has lost all credibility in the M.E as a potential peace-broker.

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