jeudi 15 octobre 2009

Ah, sweet souvenirs...

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We all have one or several songs which remind us of a very special moment of our youth or even our life. Moments which are absolutely unique so that it is of course impossible to transmit to others our feelings of the time which is associated with said songs.

This Alouette, Alouette by Gille Dreu is one of these songs to me. I remember the place, the girl I was with, how innocent I was etc.

Too bad I could only find this lousy video of this song that I thought I heard in 1970 whereas it dates back to 1968. But it's the only one which gives the original soundtrack.

It happens that I heard the original version of it this very last night on the radio. Contrary to what I thought up today, it's not a part of the Misa criolla (1963) as I would have sworn but from la perigrinacion (1964) by an Argentinean composer, Ariel Ramirez.

The French lyrics were written by Pierre Delanoé and have nothing to do with the original ones.

Like all these so very personal musics which are unknown to most, it will sound like just another song.

For those who heard it 40 years ago, it certainly will recall some whiffs of things past.

5 commentaires:

Anijo a dit…

I heard this type of music back in 1975 when I was an exchange student in Marseille. It brings back memories of my friend, Brigitte, and all of our experiences. I can never describe that time. It is more a feeling and a certain undescribable awakening.

Flocon a dit…

"It is more a feeling and a certain undescribable awakening."

Undescribable awakening! These are the exact words!

Anijo a dit…

And a certain veil of calm crosses the landscape.

Flocon a dit…

And a certain veil of calm crosses the landscape."

I'm puzzled as to what you're reffering here to JoAnn.

But the stream of consciousness reminds me of the pics you sent some days ago and it made me think of the southern America that Clark and Lewis must have discovered (safe the jogger of course...)

Anijo a dit…

You're right. That was a stream-of-consciousness response. I was imagining the peace that crosses the landscape of my mind upon any type of awakening.

Yes, the jogger did kind of ruin that particular lovely scene. ;)