lundi 5 octobre 2009

Special Anijo.

This is the latest painting by Anijo.

I took liberty to photoshop it a little bit, not that it is better or more alike to the original of course but the colors, as they appeared on my screen, were a tad too redish.

Don't you have the feeling that it somehow shows the light at the end of the tunnel?

For I see a tunnel getting clearer the deeper we focus on the center of the painting.

Beside, this is where the lizard (coming out of the bottles?) seems to want to go. What kind of delivery is in the waiting for it the further it goes into that direction?

The rendition of such an impression of perspective requires a lot of work and technique, I know.

Bravo Anijo!

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ZapPow a dit…

I love that painting. It's moving. Strange, because it's a painting of two bottles, but it gives me the impression of two monks on their way to something greater than anything (connaissance, plénitude…).

Anijo a dit…

I am stunned by the commentary. The understanding that you two have for the painting is more than anyone else who has seen it. Most people just see two bottles. But you two understand the deeper meaning in the painting. You see that all leads to some distant muse and the lizard is aware of it.

Thank you for the photoshopped version. It is actually much more like the original. I really need to purchase a photoshop program in order to better display my paintings. Again, thank you!

Anijo a dit…

This was quite an honor. Brought a tear to my eye.

Flocon a dit…


Now you mention it, I actually see two monks following at their so slow pace the so fast moving lizard.

And yet, the three of them follow the same path, along a river it seems (I may be wrong)

This picture is really filled with symbolism.

Anijo a dit…

I've been sick with the flu which is why I've been absent. Yes, that's a river with the spiky sand banks so typical of this area.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks Flocon,

for "Au hazard Baltazar" and Anijo's beautiful painting.

I don't know if it is because of your previous post but, when I saw the painting, I kept looking for the third "roi mage".

I bet that must come as quite a surprise to JoAnn, those godless French seeing religious figures everywhere !

Bonne journée à tous.


Flocon a dit…

Bonjour EYGH -:)

A vrai dire c'est ZapPow, dont les tendances mystiques ne sont plus à démontrer, qui a orienté l'interprétation du tableau de Anijo vers la spiritualité que vous évoquez.

I just followed suit...

Anyway, about those godless French seeing religious figures everywhere !, we've received a religious upbringing and it's become part of our collective mental background.

Maybe where ZapPow sees monks I could see only anachoretes... -;)

Anijo a dit…

Very amusing the commentary. I have a painting in the hopper which is titled, The Garden of Aguirre, a take on the Garden of Eden. Yes, Anijo the atheist has a certain appreciation of some of the spiritual and mythical aspects of some parts of the Bible..

Hermits! Yes, Flocon, that's more like it.

Flocon a dit…

I guess it's the color of the bottles which reminded ZapPow of the frock the monks use to wear.

All the more since these "monks" look rather burly, an image which is closely associated with monks since the Middle-Ages.

On the other hand, hermits are supposed to be rather slim.

Only you can tell...