mardi 12 février 2008

Play it again Sam.

Last week Robert Gates, American Secretary of Defence, was in Munich, ( attending the international conference on security, urging the European NATO members to increase their participation in the war effort in Afghanistan. Basically he was saying that there are terrible terrorist threats hanging over Europe and it was incomprehensible that Europeans were so blind to the impending menace.

Ah, these Europeans! How naïve and candid and irresponsible... What would they do without American's good advice and benevolent help?

The Euro sissies fail to be impressed by the huge aviation (jet fighters, helicopters, drones, missiles etc.) the navy (their aircraft carriers are formidable), the infantry, and all the most modern weaponry terrorists can rely on (slings, cell phones, Kalashnikovs etc.). And yet, they should know all these weapons could be deployed within 3/4 of an hour and reach the heart of Europe and cause unspeakable devastation.

Now, wait, that was Rumsfeld's line 6 years ago to whom Joshka Fisher, German Minister for foreign affairs, replied: "We're not convinced Mr Secretary".

Now, what could be the ultimate goal of NATO occupation of Afghanistan? To turn the locals peasants into good western allies, sharing American values? Or to eradicate every single one suspected of links with someone suspected of would be terrorist activity or even sympathy for freedom fighters?

But because as far as I can see, the Afghans have done nothing to the US which went there in the first place to catch OBL. This goal has been discarded long ago.

Afghanistan has been invaded and has been occupied for 6 years now and you wonder why Afghans wage a war with next to no weapons against the invaders. This is really incomprehensible... Should America be invaded and occupied by a Muslim coalition, of course Americans would welcome them with music and flowers for sure.

Americans have been understandably traumatized by the 9/11 attacks to the point they've lost the most basic common sense and now wage a war against a country stuck in the beginning of the Middle Ages and present it as the ultimate threat on peace in the world.

In the mean time, just in January, there have been at least 3 shooting sprees across the US, with American citizens killing other American citizens. Notwistanding the 40.000 dead on American road every year. But that is irrelevant, imaginary terrorist attacks are likely to wipe out half the country according to the American warmongers.

Remember the announcement last year of a failed plot in New-York airport that, had it succeeded, would have caused havoc to an unprecedented scale? Hmmm? Who? How? We haven't heard any information about that since. Yeah, for security reason of course...

Hasn't the terrorist alert permanently oscillated between red and orange every single day since 9/11? Talk about mass conditioning into fear. Be scare Americans, be very scare, the Bogeyman is after you.

But I have a question here. Isn't all the American frenzy to rally allies in their insensible war on Afghanistan another smoke screen set up by the American military-industrial complex so as to bolster its activity and in the end, their turnover? Who do you think would be the ultimate recipients?

And also, isn't it a way to secure more American bases around the globe with Europeans gently invited to contribute to a more imperialistic hegemony of the only superpower?

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Flocon a dit…

Pouroi les liens ne fonstionnent-ils plus? Je n'en sais rien...

See here

K a dit…

I do not believe all american's share george bushs vision.

Count the days!

Flocon a dit…


"I do not believe all american's share george bushs vision."

We certainly agree about that and I can imagine the hardship it is for "liberals " to live through these GW Bush years.

As you say, count the days! (Which is more appropriate for you than for non-Americans...)

Now, is the John MacCain prospect an entirely positive one?

Don't know, just asking...

ned a dit…

For embedding links, maybe this advice will help.

BTW, it is a generally good site.

If that doesn't work, try Tinyurl. I have never had trouble with it.

Flocon a dit…

Thanks for the tinyURL tip. Unfortunately, it doesn't work either dans le corps du billet...

KD a dit…

''Now, is the John MacCain prospect an entirely positive one?

Don't know, just asking...''

oh my (D) did not show after the (K), it was me kd on that comment.

Me being as liberal as I am,I would venture to say John McCan is not postive but not nearly as bad.

(do not get me wrong when I say liberal because I can be nostalgic about some values)

As I believe all politicians are as good or as weak as their advisors; the moral character of a person also plays into factor.

Myself I have never voted Republican and will not do so at this point. I usually vote for those that closely represent my view. Since it is difficult to find one that closely represents my views. I usually go by a simple check list.

1. Universal Health Coverage.
2. Equality/Human Rights
3. Global Warming
4. (international policies)

You may ask why international policies is on the bottom of my list and I will make a brief explanation why! All these things are equally as important to me so there is no number one.

I believe international policies are very important and will take many years to rebuild and just one presidental term will not be enough. Although, I believe we will be heading in a more correct direction.

As the War in Iraq, (i know how you like that subject), I honestly feel that we owe them much. Myself, I would not know how to begin to undo what has been done. (it really breaks my heart each and everyday)I have heard every side of the argument about helping them rebuild, offering them protection, leaving and in some way everyone one of them plays a different emotion in my mind. I feel at this point there is no best course of action but just a course of action with only the aftermath remaining; as know one is able to predict the future of what happens afterwards.

I can still remember the start of that war and the intense feeling that I felt. It was complete sorrow for the civilians. The only comfort that I had was knowing that there was food and supplies being dropped for those left in chaos! This my friend was not much of comfort to me.

I was at work at the hospital that day when I heard the news of the war! Thoughts of a helpless and hopeless feeling for the civilans in Iraq was all that I could think. I could not recall language, religious, culture differences or any other issue other than I just thought of them as human. I actually remembered feeling numb all night at work and could not concentrate well on the patients. The feeling will be with me the remainder of my life.

Today my thoughts is only hope for a better tomorrow and for those people that was touched by this war.

As I feel that not only Iraq lifes was touched but American lifes also with lost of family and etc.

This was no game with rules and instructions and there was no score card to keep track of winners and losers and It leaves me to draw on conclusion.

So this is my story and these are the emotions that I went through.

This is one reason that I do not agree with the last 7 years.


Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn a dit…

>And also, isnt' it a way to secure more American bases around the globe with Europeans gently invited to contribute to a more imperialistic hegemony?

Oh, if only we could close our bases around the globe and use these funds for universal health care! :(

Flocon a dit…

hi kd,

As a non-American, of course I have no "preference" regarding your next president.

Also, the differences between Rep and Dem aren't clear cut as seen from Europe.

I remember John McCain humming "bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran" and I found it a little scary that a politician would have this sense of humor... I can't think of any country in the world where a politician would "joke" that way.

Imagine a Chinese leader singing "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Taiwan" for example or Putin referring to Poland...

"No one is able to predict the future of what happens afterwards."

I have a post about this notion of impredictability.

I appreciate your long and detailed comment which gives me 2 ideas for forthcoming posts. I just have to gather the courage to write them ;-)

Hi Joann :-)

KD a dit…


I have returned to this post because I did not make one statement clear!

I do not support John Mc Cain and after watching several videos of temper and speeches. (questionable if he is a carbon copy of the current)