vendredi 15 janvier 2010

Jon Steward's geography lesson

"Getting attacked is the only way Americans learn about world geography”.

Funny but actually, how many Europeans or Asians etc. could locate Yemen, Oman or Somalia (among so many other countries) on a world map?

Americans shouldn't be ridiculed for their (shared) ignorance on world geography. Save for Nam where the US killed 2 millions people...

How many Europeans do really know about Estonia, Macedonia or even Lichtenstein? Most of them couldn't even name the 27 members of the European Union.

An earth quake happened in Haiti 3 days ago. How many French could locate Haiti, La Réunion or SaintPierre et Miquelon, all French territories?

"Let's keep humble" should be a daily motto for every one of us.

Ce serait bien qu'on ait un John Stewart en France mais on a Arlette Chabot... Y'a de quoi pleurer.

Trop forts ces Américains!

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