lundi 11 janvier 2010

Then we will remember things we said today

Those familiar with the Franco-American relations or, on a broader scale, the Euro-American relations, know that the key word in understanding these relations is ambivalence, like in love and hate.

This mindset seems more prevalent on the American side than on the other side of the Atlantic.

On the one hand, for Americans who can trace their ancestry from Europe as long ago as can be in history (say the XVIII th century or even sooner) their pride knows no limit.

On the other hand, so many of them have such disdain for Europe and Europeans, and certainly mainly among white Americans, preferably Republicans, but I guess Democrats aren’t immune from this prejudice. Remember Donald Rumsfeld’s new Europe as opposed to old Europe?

Yet they’re talking about the land of their ancestors, and you wonder how much they want not to be associated in any way with the backwarded people who live in Europe. The farther away they feel they are from (commies) Europeans, the better they’d be it seems. As if they needed to believe in some sort of out of nowhere self creation of their nation, in order to assert its legitimacy.

Now, I was listening to a radio program the other day when someone said that by the year 2.050 white Americans from European descent will be a minority among Latinos, Black Americans and Asians (in whichever order I can’t remember).

I thought that Black Americans couldn’t care less about dissociation from Europe since all their misfortunes came from Europe.

Asians wouldn’t care a fig as well since they have no historical links with Europeans.

And the same goes with Latinos, themselves being from European (only Spanish) descent but that was so long ago, they now come from Mexico and other Caribbean islands.

I don’t know about 2.050 but the trend seems unstoppable yet.

Maybe then, many white Americans will feel they’re surrounded with not real Americans of yesteryear… and they, well, their children and great-children will remember things they said today.

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Flocon a dit…

Un billet en anglais puisqu'il y a quelques visiteurs venant des US un peu tous les jours.
Rendons la politesse même si la plupart arrivent sur le blog par erreur...

Bon, je voulais mettre une video en ligne et, une fois encore y'a un problème, je la mets donc ici:

Hope it will work.
C'est un concert des Beatles en Indiana en 1964. Oui, il y a 45 ans... What a drag it is getting older.

L'enregistrement original est disponible évidemment mais comme ce sont des Européens jouant au milieu d'Américains (tous blancs apparemment) ça me semblait plus approprié pour ce billet.