samedi 30 janvier 2010

Creationism (Trick 1)

There was mention of creationism the other day.

For what I understand, believers in creationism are just that : believers without trying to justify their faith, whereas proponents of intelligent design tend to "scientifically" expose their point of view. Or at least try to contest the Darwinian theory by insisting that it's just a theory.

Therefore, since it's just a theory, it should and must be treated just as one theory among others. For what I know it's more or less the way the Catholic Church views the Darwinian theory.

Proponents of Intelligent Design insist that there's no evidence that the Darwinian theory is more valid than the theory they defend.

Where's the trick then?

- First, whether we consider creationism or intelligent design, it all comes down to faith and literal reading of the Bible as opposed to science and reason.

- Second, in epistemology, any system is called "theory" until proven otherwise by a more convincing one or a new system that permits a better understanding of the secrets of Nature.

- Third, intelligent design proponents want to put on a similar stand the scientific and generally accepted theory of evolution and their own "theory". But when the Darwinian theory or any other one has a 99% chances to correctly explain the mystery it tries to decipher, other theories (if they're even other ones but creationism) don't even have a 1% chance to explain anything.

There's a game on words here (theory) plus an attempt to make believe the two theories have the same probability to be true.

It's a defensive stand that intelligent design believers have by trying to dismantle the Darwinian theory without having any worth considering constructive arguments.

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