samedi 2 juillet 2011

Punch and Judy

Last Friday Sarkozy experienced an unpleasant moment when some guy among the (tiny) crowd in the south western city of Brax seized him by the collar and slightly shook him up. 

Of course the perpetrator was arrested and eventually got a 6 month suspended sentence the day after. 

What I find interesting here is that the episode didn't cause any soul searching in France about the respect the Président de la République should enjoy. The man has stirred so much hatred around his person for so many years that he has lowered and damaged the function he embodies to an abysmal level of disrespect. 

There haven't been screams of blue murder by his faithful MPs of the party he created (UMP) or by any leading figure of the right in general or any member of the Government, like they knew his case is hopeless anyway. 

Should B. Obama face a similar (mild) attack, wouldn't the media run all their front pages with inflammatory titles about the desecration of the person representing the great Nation?

For sure the latest American Nobel peace prize recipient isn't up the hopes he raised the world around yet too many Americans don't know how lucky they are to have him as prez and not the little scum the foolish French have elected four years ago. 

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