lundi 25 avril 2011

Special SemperFidelis

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Anijo a dit…

Flocon! You're back! Youpee! I was very worried.

Flocon a dit…

Salut Anijo,

There's a message in your letter box..

Since the post is dedicated to SemperFidelis, here are comments from the NYT's readers à propos an article about new informations that Wikileaks has published re Guantanamo.

Coincidentaly the NYT article appears the day when I open a Special SemperFidelis post. Ain't that evidence enough that the NYT is spying my little blog?

Anijo a dit…

Since this post is dedicated to SemperFidelis, here is a French song about Marines that I like a lot.

Flocon a dit…

Je ne connaissais pas la chanson; il est vrai que les chansons de mer ne sont guère connues dans les terres...

Ici il s'agit d'un marin mais pas d'un "marine", d'où la distinction sailor and Marine.

Anijo a dit…

Ici il s'agit d'un marin mais pas d'un "marine", d'où la distinction sailor and Marine.

Oui, je le sais. J'ai cru avoir combiner Flocon et SemperFi en une chanson par chance...

Anijo a dit…


It was stream of consciousness which led me to Brave Marin. J'ai pensé à SemperFi et puis j'ai vu le "Sarko s'en va-t-en guerre" titre qui m'avais fais penser à "brave marin revient de guerre", qui m'avait pensé à le poeme de Jacques Prévert, Barbara, et puis maintenant je me souviens que j'avais gagné une petite tournoi il y a longtemps avec ce poème, Barbara.

I took some pictures to illustrate (and added the latest rendition of you and Xtine.)




I should take more time to improve the pictures, but if I did that, I'd end up putting it off until eventually I would offer nothing.

So there it is in its naked awkwardness.

Flocon a dit…

Talk of stream of consciousness indeed...

Si tu aimes la sonorité slave voici Barbara récitée en croate et chantée en bosniaque!.

(Although I don't know how much slavic croatian and bosniac are)

Congrats for the little tournament you won Anijo. Tu as dû faire tant de progrès depuis!

I can only imagine the dizzying chick who won the trophy back then. Don't play with my nerves Anijo. Please, think of my blood pressure...


I'm surprised SemperFidelis (apparently) didn't notice that, afaik, it is the first time in the history of the US that the Great Nation is dragged into a war-like situation (Libya) by a foreign country. And which foreign country! The very same wich lent a helping hand in Chesapeake!

Please note that in this circumstance, France numbers to one person: Sarkozy.

Anonyme a dit…

Flocon: Modesty has thus far restrained me from revealing the invitation from the Marine Osprey squadron to appear in their video. But your discovery of the video, and public demand, have forced my hand. Yes, I do make a cameo appearance.

So your task is to identify me. Just a hint, though. I am not one of the three attractive female Marines.

Beginning a new career,

Anijo a dit…

Oh, I think I can identify our SemperFi! ☺

I'll let Flocon guess first though.

Flocon a dit…

So now, I'll have to watch this video again and again...

I didn't know one single title by Britney Spears maintenant c'est fait.

None of the guy appearing on this video seems to look like someone who could be interested in political science like SemperFidelis once said he was.

Semper also wrote that the Marines were truely superb so I now can affirm SemperFidelis is the one we can see swaying his hips on the right at 1:16.

When I picked this video on YouTube some days ago it already had over 1,5 million views and by now it's over 2,6 million.

When was that video made? Semper has been commenting on Shall We Talk from Virginia since October 2010. I'm being very suspicious here...

My first idea was to write something about the video but on second thought I decided to abstain, it would have led me into the topic of our presence in Afghanistan.

The guys on the video are having a good time but they're also there to kill people who have done nothing to them nor to their country. And it's not that funny.

Flocon a dit…

Here I was, alternating my readings of the Lectures on Aesthetics by Hegel and The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin when my attention was called upon an important subject entitled Hold it against me.

So I went and did a little research including watching the song by Spears herself on YouTube (over 40 million views!)

It appears the song was released January the 11th of this year, so the remake by the Marines in Afghanistan probably was made some weeks ago when Semper was breezing it easy in Virginia.

Why do I have the feeling someone tried to dupe me here?

Anijo a dit…

I thought SemperFi might be the guy at :37.

But nevermind. I don't feel like attacking SemperFi.

It's a beautiful day, the birds are singing, so time to go outside and enjoy the garden.

Flocon a dit…

Funny, the idea crossed my mind about the same guy at 0:37...

Anijo a dit…

I have to say it. I didn't say anything before because I have no desire to engage in a flame war. I finally decided I should say how I feel. Flocon, whatever your or my ideas are re soldiers in Afghanistan, I don't think it was fair to draw SemperFi into this discussion which was presented as a post "dedicated to SemperFidelis" only to attack him.

SemperFi travels a lot and was no doubt in Afghanistan at some point during the filming of this video. The young Marines who are there feel that they provide a service. You may consider them killers, but they consider themselves as protectors from killers. They have days off, and used these days off to do a video. I thought the video was charming.

Flocon a dit…

Hmmm... misunderstandings abound these days on Shall We Talk.

"I have no desire to engage in a flame war"

Nor do I, I've let the former Flocon behind me.

Firstly, I certainly didn't intend to attack SemperFidelis, mock him or whatever, be it for one reason: he's my guest on my blog.

Secondly, I eventually understood SemperFidelis's comment as a joke because it seemed very improbable to me that he would have been in Afghanistan and even more that he may have contributed to the video. Simple question of probabilities.

It probably is cristal clear in his comment but my reading skills being what they are I certainly didn't read SemperFidelis's comment the way it was meant to be understood. My bad.

So I sincerely apologize to SemperFidelis if he felt attacked or mocked, that was definitively not my aim.

I thought it was some sort of a guessing game and I played the game as such.

No desire at all to draw SemperFi into this discussion, there was no discussion to have on this topic, we all know where we stand.

"They have days off, and used these days off to do a video. I thought the video was charming."

Since I decided not to write anything below the video I didn't take the opportunity to admire how professional the guys have been when doing their lip sync. The video is indeed professionaly done and worth seeing.

As pertains my opinion re Afghanistan, please notice how I wrote OUR presence in Afghanistan in one of my comments above.

Which means that had French soldiers (German or whatever their nationality may have been) realised something similar (but they wouldn't have, ils en sont bien incapables) my feelings would have been the same.

Il y avait dans l'intervention de SemperFidelis des nuances qui m'ont échappé.

A rose is a rose is a rose ;-)

Flocon a dit…

En français il n'y aura pas d'ambigüité (pour moi du moins).

J'ai vu un article sur cette vidéo je ne sais plus où, je l'ai trouvée très bien faite et j'ai immédiatement pensé à SemperFidelis.

Sans la moindre intention frondeuse, moqueuse, ironique ou je ne sais quoi, je l'ai mise en ligne sans arrière pensée, ça me faisait une page toute faite.

En français encore, je présente mes excuses à SemperFidelis s'il s'est senti offensé, froissé ou blessé, il n'a jamais été dans mon intention d'être désagréable, cynique ou ironique.

Voilà comment des incompréhensions ou des quiproquos involontaires déclenchent des guerres.

Anonyme a dit…

The internet is a great communicator of heat and hostility, but often a poor conductor of humor. My intended lighthearted hoax has caused an unnecessary clash between friends. My apologies to all.

I am not in the video. But I am disappointed that I wasn't voted as the Marine on the right with the weights and the tattoos at 0:23.

Anijo is right about my travel. I am off for some time. Perhaps when I return my judgment will have improved.


Flocon a dit…

So finally, as far as I understand things, I felt it was a hoax by 50% and Anijo also shared the feeling by 50%.

The difference being that I was very suspicious -50%- that you had anything to do with that ("charming" dixit Anijo) video whereas same Anijo seemed to believe there were some chances -50%- you actually took part in the making of the lip sync thing.

America on the one side, Asia on the other side and they would meet on an ipsy tiny little European blog in between. I knew there were something unlikely about it.

All the more with Britney Spears' song on YouTube and its over 41 million views against my paltry 45.350 hits!

(Please note how Anijo can turn into a fierce warrior when it comes to defend you SemperFidelis!)

Well, fare well when you're travelling and needless to say you still will be my welcome guess when you return.

As for the Marine at :23, yes, he caught my attention for a while but then I considered he didn't absolutely look like someone who could engage in political science studies in the very next weeks.

I'm probably wrong once again.

Anijo a dit…

I'm delighted that all is well here.

Another lesson in attempting to communicate via the internet.

My apologies.

It's true that I defend SemperFi. He has always been such a perfect gentleman towards me and I have thus grown fond of him. Flocon, I would defend you just as fiercly, believe me. I tend to be rather protective towards anyone I consider to be a friend. The worst thing that can happen is when these two friends argue. But I should know that Flocon and SemperFi are both mature adults and men with strong enough minds to deal with any sort of comment.

Now, if I were to select the best performer in the video, that would be too difficult as they're all amazing.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Hello Flocon, Semper Fi, et al,

I am back after a month in California where I went for the burial of my father(89) who was a marine who participated in the reconquest of the Philippines in WWII.

He was buried with military honors, the 18 gun salute and the presentation of the flag to my mother, who is going strong at 89 and still drives. She drove me around a lot. Now my sister is spending time with her.

I am anti-militarist, but when the leader of the group of six marines presented my mom the flag, after giving the conventional formula, said some personal words that seemed sincere on his part, and he took off his glove to shake my mother's hand.

He spoke low, but I heard everything being beside my mother and probably hearing better than she did.

I appreciated this man's attitude.

Any contributions to my mother are given to research on Parkinson's, from which my father suffered.

My sister told me that our father said just before his death, "It's time for me to go." My sister didn't tell my mother, but only me.

It is not a sad story, but just life and death. I don't expect any expressions of sympathy, but if anyone feels that they have to say something, know that I appreciate it. I hope there isn't too much. Even if you don't say anything, I suspect it may be in your thoughts.

I am happy to be back here.

Anijo a dit…


How fitting that this thread was here for you to comment on the burial services of your father. These traditional services do help people to deal their emotions about the death of a loved one. And yes, I offer my heartfelt sympathy.

And just as you don't expect any expressions of sympathy, I don't expect a thank you for offering sympathy as you offered any appreciation in advance.

Flocon a dit…

Welcome back Ned,

Through the soberness of your report one can feel how much you've been affected by the loss of your father whence I understand he must have been a caring one.

A loving soul is gone and whatever his relations were with his relatives, the one he had with you was unique in the world.

Never happened before, never will be ever again since both of you were unique.

I'm happy to see you back here Ned and I'll try to keep the place an entertaining one for our mutual pleasure.

I've put a cover of Chopin by Gerry Mulligan on the music bar that may be to your taste.

Ned Ludd a dit…

The marines at the ceremony were very young. I would have liked to talked to them about how they felt or what they thought when they were going through it, especially for an old WWII veteran like my father.

But I didn't have the chance.