jeudi 1 mai 2008

The U.F.O. conspiracy

Although totally unimportant, this whole UFO topic is another display of ethnocentrism toying with the concepts of time and space. Nothing new here although, in its current form, it has really taken off after WWII. I can’t remember what Kant had to say about little green men from outer space. Eventually it all boils down to the same question, although formulated in a modernized, more technologically related version: “Could I be somebody else living in another place in another time?”

Those gullible enough to really believe in the possibility of visiting extraterrestrial beings are just looking for themselves in a fabricated mirror of their own. In search of their identity, or their self, whatever one wants to name it.

Coincidentally, and I’m not trying to be offensive nor provocative here, the OVNI industry really started in the US and the “virus” spread from there all over the planet in the years following WWII. Communist regimes were not amused at all with this stuff which they saw as another attempt of the capitalists to distract the working masses from the real problem they had to face and the real struggles they had to lead in order to get free from the alienation the capitalists wanted to impose and maintain on them. (Methinks their analysis was right).

For those interested in the multi-dimensions problematic, may I suggest to read this entertaining little book published in 1884. It’s funny and yet very serious!

As for the rational impossibility of space travel and visitors from hundred thousands light years away from earth, there was a convincing demonstration by E. Fermi : Given the extraordinary short time-span of human life in the universe, it would take a nearly incommensurate probability (asymptotic, that is impossible) that there could be a coincidence between the moment any UFO would start their travel from a distant Galaxy and their arrival on earth (why earth?) at the moment when it is populated with our race. Any margin of, be it only some million of years, would be totally unacceptable. Some “million of years” are a bat of an eye in the face of a hundred thousands of light years travel.

Where I agree with the view the communists held about the UFO thinghes is when I consider the millions of young people who were raised with such insanities and grew definitely convinced with such b.s in their heads. 

What a waste of available intelligence!

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Obob a dit…

Somedays I think if they saw their reflection, they'd sue

Flocon a dit…

And they would have every single reason to do so, wouldn't they?

A slam dunk in court!