samedi 1 mars 2008

My friends's friends are my friends. Huh... wait a second here... (2)

5 years ago, the most hated foreign politician in America was the French head of State. Now the wheel has turned, it's an Iranian about almost nobody had ever heard of in the US when Chirac was in pole position.

His sin? He's at the head of a country which is purportedly trying to build an atom bomb. Like the US? Or like Israel? Is Iran really pursuing this goal? Or isn't that another case of Iraqi WMD? Should we rely on the Media to know? Why shouldn't Iranians be allowed to possess the same weapon the US, the USSR, Israel, Pakistan, north Korea (not sure) etc. have as the ultimate deterrent?

When reading and listening to the American MSM, you feel like it wants to persuade the Americans that there's an actual and near immediate danger that Iran would use its bomb to attack the US. Well, didn't the MSM succeed in making most Americans believe Saddam had terrible WMD and was on the verge to use them against America and its allies? Remember T. Blair and his infamous quote?

In the precinct of the UN, Ahmadinedjad had the audience laugh when he said there were no homosexuals in his country. Like in Saudi Arabia, America's closest and most sincere friend in the region?

Not to say Ahmadinedjad is a nice person, sharing western values but is he really the new Attila the American MSM tries to portrait? Isn't he a close friend and ally of Iraq's PM, Al-Maliki?

Good news: this friendship will be reasserted next Sunday when Ahmadinedjad pays a State visit to Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki.

Now, that should please the US since the old saying has always held true that my friends' friends were my friends.

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ned a dit…

At google images, it is easy to find pictures of Little Georgie holding hands with, and even kissing, Saudi Prince Abdullah.

I wonder why Bush's homophobic base didn't get up in arms about that.

- A bit OT, but someone gave me the last two Harry Potter books. The next to last, "The Half-Blood Prince" was really quite good. The last one though was disappointing, less intrigue and more outrageous battles.

The last one however is interesting in that it has the Magic Ministry taken over by a nazi-style totalitarian organization and dictator. There are denunciations of racial laws that are instituted and graphic descriptions of the violence of the new secret regime.

It occurred to me that young people could get a much better picture of the consequences of such a government and society than they would from Sarko's absurd shoah commemoration.

So let's put the last Harry Potter on all school reading lists.

In addition, something I hadn't realized before, Rowlings takes many hard swings at xian icons and myths and uses them in a satirical way. I guess the xian right had more to complain about than I had thought. They are funny though in a gruesome sort of way.

Flocon a dit…

I have a feeling the English have a very strong superiority complex regarding all things related to nazism.

Their engineers were so bright they conceived the brillant idea to lay the English Channel between England and the continent. So any invasion has been prevented for about 1000 years now.

How easy it is for them now to deride the French for the German occupation. Of course, nothing of that sort could ever have happened to them.

(/end of sarcasm)

Self-righteousness seems to be a permanent fixture of the Brits re the French (not to mention the Germans).

re religion, the Englich are also bizarre some times... And not only re religion...

I've often noticed this obession with all things nazi on the other side of the Channel (See prince Harry's donning a nazi outfit some years ago).