mardi 9 août 2011

Cervantes and The Tea Party

So the Reps and the Dems have finally secured an agreement regarding the debt ceiling before the dead line was reached, like it was evident they would. As a foreigner I lack the basic knowledge of American politics to understand if there's a winner since it looks like that was a confrontation between the two main parties instead of a common effort to salvage the national economy.

Some say the Republicans - under the influence of the Tea Party - have humiliated prez Obama, but what do I know? Yet I read not all Americans are pleased with the show and the outcome that has resulted.

David for example seems to be just half satisfied: 

Thank you Tea Party for your terrorist attack on the world economy, the USA and my retirement.

Now Steve is also rather critical of the Tea Party and specifically of Michelle Bachman:

Michelle Bachman blaming Obama is like an arsonist blaming a fired department for a fire. 

Abigail isn't much more amused when she writes: 

We can thank the Republicans for a lot of this. First, putting the Nation in an economic mess during and after the Bush Administration and lately with their Tea Party compatriots for a public spectacle leading up to the rise in the debt ceiling.

But there are divergent opinions as well...

Me I don't know but it reminds me of the Spanish saying that Cervantes quoted in his Novelas Ejemplares which he published exactly 400 years ago.

"Il en est qui se crèveront les deux yeux pour que leur ennemi s'en crève un"

 (Unfortunately I haven't been able to retrieve the quote and yet I read it and wrote it down at the time)

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ZapPow a dit…

Si on considère qu'un Républicain a déploré que son parti n'ait obtenu que 98 % de ce qu'il voulait, je dirais qu'il n'y a que des loyers dans l'affaire. Sauf peut-être les "tea-partiers" qui se sont réjouis de voir la note des USA abaissée, et qui, accusés d'en être responsables, n'ont pas, pour une fois, joué aux victimes, mais se sont félicités de leur puissance.

Flocon a dit…

Au-delà de l'irrationalité affichée des "tea-partiers", ce que j'en comprends - à tort ou à raison- c'est qu'ils incarnent le mouvement libertarien, composante historique de la psyché américaine.

L'irrationalité, si irrationalité il y a, n'est donc pas fortuite.

Le simple fait que des millions d'individualistes par conviction idéologique forment un groupe de revendication commune paraît contradictoire en soi.

Anijo a dit…

Rabbit with a habit eh?

Note that the French link leads to 'habitute'.. ?

Anijo a dit…

And speaking of Michele Bachmann. Flocon, remember how you felt that this cover of BusinessWeek was unfair to DSK.

Well, some conservatives and Tea Party folk are not pleased with the current cover of BusinessWeek. Actually, even some liberal feminists are not pleased with the cover.. I think it's all a temptest in a teapot.

Flocon a dit…

Anijo tu peux présenter ta candidature pour devenir administratrice de Wikipedia!

Le lien vers l'article en français (Habitude) était manifestement une erreur que j'ai corrigée dans les 11 articles qui y renvoyaient.

La personne qui a écrit le (petit) article sur habitude (catégorie psychologie) s'est trompée en créant les liens vers les autres langues.

Il y a plein de petites erreurs de ce type sur Wiki. That's also why everyone can contribute.

Now you can try the link to the French page again...


re Michelle Bachmann's picture, Americans would say
There's nothing to write home about

whereas the French would say
Il n'y a pas de quoi en faire un plat (food again).


Why don't you ask SemperFidelis to buy you 20,000$ worth of Greek debt mixed with 10,000$ worth of Italian debt and you'll reimburse him when you'll have made 50,000$ of the whole package?

Why bother with Fitch, Standard Poor et all? We know the gentleman he is and he's too discreet to make you the proposition.

Anijo a dit…

Now you can try the link to the French page again...

Merci Flocon! T'es formidable.
'A habit' en français est une Costume ecclésiastique. Maintenant ton ami a raison (où n'a pas faux). ;)

re la photo de Michelle Bachmann, ce n'est qu'une tempête dans un verre d'eau et il n'y a pas de quoi en faire un plat. (A glass of water with one's food).

and he's too discreet to make you the proposition.

Indeed, the better part of valor is discretion. And I am too much of a coward to speculate with a high-risk purchase of foreign bonds.

Ned Ludd a dit…

I am reminded of a scene from Woody Allen's "Love and Death". He passes through a Village Idiots Convention.

I would like to see a magazine put Palin, Bachmann, and the Tea-partiers pictured in the same context.

Flocon a dit…

I don't know why your latest comments don't show up in the recent comments list Ned. Maybe my answer won't appear either...

"I would like to see a magazine put Palin, Bachmann, and the Tea-partiers pictured in the same context."

This may give you an idea perhaps?