samedi 13 août 2011

Prendre un peu l'air...

Je vais partir 15 jours mais comme je ne veux pas être coupé du monde je me suis acheté une clef G. It works à Paris, mais je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit le cas là où je vais (Normandie) bien que l'opérateur couvre la région.

Donc le blog va prendre également quelques jours de vacances ce qui est une bonne chose parce que depuis quelques semaines je ne suis plus capable de proposer des billets intéressants et originaux.

Comme quoi, qu’on le veille ou non, il faut prendre un peu de distance pour se régénérer.

De retour d’ici la fin du mois, je vous retrouverai avec plaisir.

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Ned Ludd a dit…

Normandie, bah! En fait je parie que tu vas en Espagne pour les JdJ--Journées de la Jeunesse de notre cher pape.;)

Flocon a dit…

Hmmm... I knew you would see me through ;-)

Fare well and don't forget me in your prayers.

I admit the panda game is rather lame but I was in a hurry...

Art Farmer is great through (and Pergolese yoo).

My very last minutes on my computer (sigh)

ZapPow a dit…

Bonnes vacances à toi. Mais je n'ai pas perçu de baisse de qualité dans les billets, pour ma part.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Sorry to have to make a small but important language correction.

"I knew you would see me through ;-)"

"see through" is one of those so-called phrasal verbs(those consisting of more than one word using a preposition or adverb)of which there are hundreds or more.

You meant to say was "see through me", but "see me through" has a different meaning. It means to help someone through of time of trouble or difficulty.

The usage of these verbs is one of the grand difficulties in English. Besides the extra words, as we see, the word order is also important.

You can buy whole books that try to explain them, but there are no clear rules.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Let me add that I think it is more useful to get a good(rather big)normal dictionary than any of the books about phrasal verbs. It can be a bit tedious to look through all the definitions though.

Another dictionary I think I mentioned is the Oxford Advanced Learner's and it comes with a CD.

Flocon a dit…


Ce qui me serait vrailment utile c'est un site qui recenserait les expressions idiomatiques en anglais.

Google translation est totalement inutile pour traduire "When push comes to showe" (je ne suis même pas sûr que cela s'écrive comme ça) que j'ai souvent rencontré chez SF et dont j'ai fini par admettre que cela pouvait se traduire par "quand il s'agit de passer aux actes".

Je n'ai pas le Harraps en 2 volumes mais je ne suis pas sûr que ce genre d'expression (et bien d'autres encore) y figure.

"It can be a bit tedious to look through all the definitions though."

Oh que oui! et avec l'Internet c'est étonnant qu'on ne puisse pas compter sur un site spécialisé.

On the other hand I may not have searched very thoroughly...

ZapPow a dit…

Tiens, Flocon, tu devrais trouver ton bonheur ici :
English Idioms and idiomatic expressions

Ou encore ici, par thèmes

Et là, avec les traductions en français

Et puis encore ici, un site exclusivement consacré aux expressions idiomatiques.

Anijo a dit…

Salut Flocon,
L'expression est when push comes to shove

When push comes to shove, you're afraid of love

Flocon a dit…

Hé hé, Anijo est passée pendant que j'écrivais le nouveau billet ;-)

To shove oui et non to showe

En fait cela ne signifie donc pas quand il s'agit de passer aux actes mais plutôt quand les choses se corsent et cela me fait aussi penser (mais c'est différent I know) à through thick and thin.

- When push comes to shove she'll be on my side (or not...)

- Through thick and thin she'll see me through (or not...)

Merci Anijo, maintenant je crois que j'ai compris and you may see the expression surface in the not so faraway future...

Flocon a dit…

Merci pour les liens ZapPow, ils me seront utiles en effet.

Direction marque pages dès mon retour!

Ned Ludd a dit…

Et les expressions idiomatiques en français?

Colette Renard

Flocon a dit…

For whatever reason I know you like this song Ned... :-)

Maintenant pour placer les expressions de Colette Renard dans une conversation... I leave it to you.

Unless you suggest I should try them (on ?) (with ?) my 20 something year old voisine? (5th floor).

And now my blood pressure is on the rise... Bien joué Ned! grrr...

Flocon a dit…


I tried to discuss with Isabelle (the girl living on the 5th floor) about these idiomatic expressions you're fond of in the song by Colette Renard but she objected...

You may soon hear about another DSK case in the French media :-(

Ned Ludd a dit…


Sorry about that, but I sent the same link to a female friend of mine in San Francisco. She's been to busy to respond and I am interested in her opinion.

Whatever, I think that you made a good first step. Now when you play "Mr. Nice Guy", you will look so much better.

Anijo a dit…

Ah, Isabelle must have the hots for you by now I would imagine. And then you let her know what 'a nice guy' that you are. A recipe for success, uh huh! lol

Flocon a dit…

You two girls,

why is it that women like to tease and start men up only to leave them on their own? You wicked ones!

Isabelle is a princess who, like most of the girls, believes it will last forever and that she can be picky and choosy with men, they'll always be at her feet.

Besides, she's a pure and innocent lamb who couldn't possibly understand the lyrics of the song Ned linked to.

Hmmm... Isabelle... (sigh, sigh)

Anijo a dit…

Ben,ce sont des hommes qui croient que xa va durer toujours. ;)

Ned Ludd a dit…


Women want men to be males--a bit macho--not imitation females, so don't go overboard on the "nice guy being sensitive" or you will end up with just a friend.

She can get her dose of sensitivity from her girlfriends.

Say what comes naturally and don't try to play to what you think she wants, though I suppose too much Kant might turn her off.:-)

Holy Zeus, maybe a should set up a counseling business.

Flocon a dit…

"Women want men to be males--a bit macho--not imitation females"

I know I should emulate SemperFidelis when I consider how successful he is with Anijo but what can I do? I'm a natural born nice guy.

But never mind, I know someday I'll meet the girl of my dreams and she'll take my virginity away (she'd better hurry up by now though...).

"I suppose too much Kant might turn her off.:-)"

Are you suggesting I should switch to Hegel?

I've often read that many American women complain that men are now too scare to behave like they 're supposed to, fear of the feminist squadrons always on the watch to symbolically cut off some precious part of men's personality (let's phrase it that way...).