dimanche 26 juin 2011

Mme Sarkozy goes shopping

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Anijo a dit…

It's 103 degrees Fahrenheit here in southern NM :( (39.4 Celsius).

I'll join Mrs Sarkozy in being nude.

Flocon a dit…

Teasing men through the Internet and then posting her pictures on FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, blogs and other forums...

Wait until the FBI comes down to your compound and give you the perp walk! And you can count on SemperFidelis "to take photographs using those 1930s cameras with flashbulbs the size of tennis balls, while he will shout questions like: "Why did you do it?" and "Is it true you are dating Justin Bieber?".


Juste pour l'info, on ne donne pas les décimales des températures en Celsius (sauf les professionnels j'imagine), la différence entre 38° et 39° est insignifiante pour les mortels.

Il fera 32° aujourd'hui à Paris and Ned will complain it's hot as a pocketful of pinguin shit :-)


How do you enjoy your paint-like Jackson Pollock-space?

Anijo a dit…

Your honor:
Anijo's innocent and pure actions have been taken out of context by Flocon. She pleads not guilty.


I should have mentioned earlier how much I enjoy painting on the Jackson Pollock space. Please keep it for awhile! It's quite entertaining.

Anijo a dit…

for awhile

oops.. for a while. I don't want the grammar police coming after me and making me do a perp walk.

Flocon a dit…

Temperature is at 35°C right now (95°F).

You can delete your previous work on the Jackson Pollock space by clicking right and then "backward" (It's "en arrière" in French).

One way or another they'll get to you, be it only for the alleged liaison with Justin Bieber.