lundi 2 novembre 2009

Never satisfied.

During the last American Administration, Republicans wouldn't stop lamenting how the rest of the world was against the US. They used to see anti-Americanism about everywhere. Numerous polls conducted the world around by the Pew Institute for example, showed that a large majority of the world population had a bad image of America.

To tell the truth, it looked like this image had lowered to an historically abysmal level. Globally speaking, the US had something like 25% positive opinions in the world.

Now, Obama has raised that number to about 75% positive opinions within less than a year. Talk of a success in terms of communication and image making.

And guess what? The Republicans aren't satisfied yet!

They lamented when their country was criticized and now they whine because it is praised, but not for the good reasons in their eyes.

Some people are born unsatisfied really!

3 commentaires:

ZapPow a dit…

C'est Bill Maher, je crois, qui a dis qu'aux USA, les Démocrates ont évolué vers le centre, et les Républicains ont évolué vers l'asile de fous.

Il a raison. Ces types sont malades.

ZapPow a dit…

… qui a dit…

Flocon a dit…

Oui, c'est bien Bill Maher en effet :

qui renvoit à YouTube mais pas à une vidéo particulière car celle-ci a été retirée du site (droits d'auteur etc.)

De quelque façon qu'ils s'y prennent, j'ai l'impression que ce sont les Républicains qui se font le plus entendre à l'étranger aux détriments bien sûr des Démocrates.

L'anti-américanisme que les Américains en général, Rep or Dem, perçoivent (pas toujours à tord), ne me semble être que l'écho des excès de la droite américaine.

Which gives a very split image of this country in the eyes of the world.