dimanche 1 novembre 2009

Et maintenant/ What now my love

How many Americans know this song, sung here by E. Presley, but Frankie sang it too, is actually a French song by Gilbert Bécaud (1961)?

This video isn't the original recording of the 1961 release.

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Anijo a dit…

Chui pas vraiment fan de Presley, sauf que je trouve qu'il a une belle voix. Il est un peu comme Joe Dassin. Mais je préfere Dassin car au moins il chant en français et il me fait penser à la France. Et je dois avouer qu'il y a qqchose en certains chansons de Dassin qui touchent mon coeur. Pour ce qu'il y a de cette chanson "what now my love", elle me laisse vide. This is not Presley at his best. The Frenchman does a better job with this song, such as it is.

By the way.. that song, "trois petites notes de musique" is beautiful. I occasionally find myself silently singing it. I played the song on my computer out in the garden one evening for some friends and they were enchanted by both her voice and the song.

Anijo a dit…

qqchose qui touche

Anijo a dit…

I note that it's always the "sex, love and passion" post which continues to attract the most visitors. Ah, humans.

Flocon a dit…

I always had much sympathy for Joe Dassin who really was very, very popular in France in the 60s and 70s.

As you know, he covered quite a number of American and English songs in French. By the way, he's buried in California.

This one I particularly like :


An American song but I couldn't find which title it bore in English and when it was written.
Anyway, as a fan of him, you certainly know this particular title.

As for the Sexe, love etc. have a look here


and you'll see there are onlookers from Vietnam, Amsterdam, Hendon (Virginia), Burlington, (North Carolina) just in the last two days...

as you say, "ah, humans" which I would turn into "Ah, men"

It overall tells a lot about frustration and suffering.