samedi 5 mars 2011

I need a break

Je m'absente quelques jours du blog pour cause de panne d'inspiration. Je me sens incapable de produire quoi que ce soit d'original ou d'intéressant : je n'ai pas la blog attitude ces temps-ci. Commenter l'actualité n'a guère d'intérêt et c'est tellement facile, ça dispense de tout effort de créativité.

Des idées qui ne tiennent pas la route passent et s'en vont, tous les symptômes de la saturation sont présents. Comme en octobre dernier il faut que je prenne de la distance, une bonne dizaine de jours au moins.

Je suis désolé de manquer au rendez-vous de celles et ceux qui ont la magnanimité de s'arrêter sur Shall We Talk mais là je ne suis pas dans le coup...

Merci de votre fidélité et à bientôt dès que j'aurai réuni assez de matériel pour vous le proposer.

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ZapPow a dit…

C'est sympa de prévenir.

Prend dont ton "break". Du moment que tu ne te casses pas du Web. Resource-toi. Vis, vas et reviens.

Christine a dit…

L'écran bouffe du temps et de l'énergie. Le blog doit rester un plaisir! Pas un pensum!

Profitez bien de ce printemps qui est en train de naître.
Bien amicalement.

Anonyme a dit…

And you deserve a break. I am regularly impressed with the scope and quality of the posts you put up here. Really, compared to the junk one sees everywhere else on the internet, the discussions here are of a high order.
For myself, more and more I find that what I require for daily recreation (in the literal English meaning of the word) is the quiet and freedom from problems I find in long-distance running. I recommend it! The best release of all is a week aboard a fine sailboat, matching one's skills against the wind and sea. But that is too expensive for me to accomplish on a regular schedule.
So, Flocon, all the best. Come back refreshed.

Flocon a dit…

Wow SemperFidelis, that is quite an unexpected and very friendly message you're sending me here. I sincerely am sensitive to your kind words of appreciation.

I've never been of the marathon man kind, rather a long distance walker indeed.

For the last, say, 40 years, the km/miles I've been walking can be counted by the tens of thousands. Make it a globe circumference to the minimum...

"The best release of all is a week aboard a fine sailboat, matching one's skills against the wind and sea."

In August 1984 I made a night crossing from Harwich to Gothenburg. At 3am on the upper deck I could see more stars than I ever saw before and never will again.

Spending some time of one's life on the seas, in the desert, on the montains, certainly gives a greater-than-life opportunity to ponder and consider the world and our lives from an hitherto unknown point of view.

To some extent we're out of time for a while, verging on expanding our consciousness of the universe with our senses blurring the usual man-made frontiers between us and the world.

OT, I've found that one you may find interesting.

Thanks again for your support SemperFidelis, I hope I'm back by the end of the week.

Flocon a dit…


Ton "vas, vis et reviens" ne me disait rien de particulier mais pourtant la forme me ramenait incessamment à veni, vidi vici.

Il y avait quelque chose que je ne savais identifier. Donc Google et voilà.

Tu as joliment détourné ce titre que j'ignorais donc dans un sens Nietzschéen (deviens ce que tu es).

Hasard, j'ai vu l'an dernier un film de ce même Mihaileanou, le concert, comédie assez lourdingue que je ne recommande pas particulièrement.

Enfin, chacun son itinéraire, vas, vis et deviens...

Ned Ludd a dit…

I quite understand. The events at the moment are more and more discouraging.

Now a guy, John Galliano, is to face justice accused of "anti-semitism" for a private conversation he had that some asshole decided to record on his cell phone.

He wasn't even on tv like Zemmour, who was also falsely accused, or accused by laws that shouldn't exist.

If even our private discussions can lead to such a thing, we are in trouble indeed.

Flocon a dit…

"The events at the moment are more and more discouraging."

Since every cloud has a silver lining on doit bien trouver quelque chose de positif malgré tout. L'approche du printemps et surtout de l'heure d'été par exemple.

Je ne connais pas du tout les détails de l'affaire Galliano. J'ai lu que Dior a profité de cet incident pour régler des comptes avec L.V.M.H ?

Do you preferably wear Dior, Christian Lacroix or Jean-Paul Gaultier Ned? :-D

Regarding freedom of speech, do you know this song by Didier Bourdon.

J'ai eu la grande surprise il y a quelques années de découvrir que ce même Didier Bourdon avait enregistré un texte de Schopenhauer dont Chrisitne a donnné un extrait sur un autre billet.

Comme tout mouvement (aussi bien matériel que spirituel) entraîne une réaction, il ne faut pas s'étonner que le politiquement correct qui devient de plus en plus prégnant en France (et en Europe aussi je crois) participe de la montée des partis dits populistes.

L'effet balancier toujours. A trop vouloir réprimer la parole il y a le retour du refoulé.

Ned, since you once mentioned the lenght of my posts, I can assure you I make my utmost so that they can hold on a one A4 page. They always do. I keep your advise in mind, it's an efficient warning against my proclivity to waste my readers' time.

Also, my ego notwithstanding, I really have to work on being less assertive, less pretentious and less dogmatic.

"But it's hard, it's really hard, sometimes I feel like going down"

If you know the line... (hint: John Lennon)

Anijo a dit…

Do you preferably wear Dior, Christian Lacroix or Jean-Paul Gaultier Ned?

Moi, je l'imagine en Lauren. ☺

it's an efficient warning against my proclivity to waste my readers' time.

Flocon, you have never wasted my time. The time that I spend on your blog is always well spent, be it spiritually, intellectually or for a smile.

Anijo a dit…

And when, like you, Flocon, I feel that je ne peux plus rien dire, I still enjoy reading what a Parisien, a Martiniquais, a franco-American, a Marine, or an Ébroïcienne has to say on any given day. Shall we Talk is a lovely and enjoyable place to visit.

question... sur le titre youtube, 'peu plus', c'est correct ou de double sens?

Anijo a dit…

The music on this thread (which has changed a few times, i believe) has a rather plaintive quality to it. Or perhaps just thoughtful. At times being thoughtful can be confused with being plaintive.

Flocon a dit…

"Moi, je l'imagine en Lauren. ☺"

Is that you Ned?

Or here maybe?

These are Anijo's suggestions Ned, not mines...

Merci pour tes très gentils mots Anijo but don't you know how hazardous to my ego they can be? ☺

"sur le titre youtube, 'peu plus', c'est correct ou de double sens?"

Non ce n'est pas correct, il aurait dû écrire on ne peut plus rien dire. Il n'y a pas de "double entendre", il a juste négligé la grammaire.

Anijo a dit…

n'y a pas de "double entendre",

Eh ben. Now the Frenchman from Paris uses the American phrase "double entendre"... See what sharing ideas does to ones mind... ô-Ô

Or here maybe?

I could imagine Ned in faded blue jeans.. ;)

Flocon a dit…

Oh I just notice there are two mistakes in the title of the song.

I've checked on Didier Bourdon's official site on Myspace and the spelling is also faulty.

I guess Bourdon wrote his song the way young people talk, ignoring grammar and spelling but I fail to see any double entendre here.

Back to Ned's world of haute couture, you may remember I once mentioned I used to be a street vendor for four years in the 80s.

Among the magazines that I would sell, there was one which was entirely dedicated to fashion and was published by a famous Danish photographer, Gunnar Larsen who died some months after I quit selling magazines.

At that times I had innumerable opportunities to meet American tourists in Paris and I remember a young lass from the U.S who could attend several défilés de mode thanks to this magazine I was selling and which permitted me to enter these otherwise very tighly closed places where the défilés were held.

This girl's eyes were sparkling with enthousiasm at the experience she was having to see the mannequins walking down the catwalks à l'école des beaux-Arts, au Cirque d'hiver and other places were the défilés were being held.

She was about 20 something and couldn't believe that her, petite Américaine, she was actually attending défilés de mode right here in Paris.

I'm sure she still remembers...

Anijo a dit…

but I fail to see any double entendre here.

On Peu Plus Rien Dire

The double entendre i had in mind was "not much more to say".

Anijo a dit…

She was about 20 something and couldn't believe that her, petite Américaine, she was actually attending défilés de mode right here in Paris.

I'm sure she still remembers...

No doubt that she does. memories

Anijo a dit…

Not a sound from the pavement
Has the moon lost her memory
She is smiling alone
In the lamplight
The withered leaves collect at my feet
And the wind begins to moan
Memory, all alone in the moonlight
I can dream of the old days
Life was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again
Every street lamp seems to beat
A fatalistic warning
Someone mutters and the street lamp sputters
Soon it will be morning
I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new life and
I mustn't give in
When the dawn comes
Tonight will be a memory too
And a new day will begin
Burnt out ends of smoky days
The stale court smell of morning
A street lamp dies
Another night is over
Another day is dawning
Touch me,
It is so easy to leave me
All alone with the memory
Of my days in the sun
If you'll touch me,
You'll understand what happiness is
Look, a new day has begun...

Flocon a dit…


You always have a song at the ready for any situation, topic or issue at stake... :-D

Ned Ludd a dit…

As a fan of "Absolutely Fabulous", I would choose Le Croix. But not having the resources, I take clothes that people give me or I find in my building that they are going to throw away.

I am one of the developed world's worst consumers. The only things that interest me in this respect are food and drink.

I am too old to worry about my look, so also the photos suggested are not of my generation.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Flocon, in fact I hate jeans(de Nimes), but I am wearing them now because a neighbor was going to throw out a perfectly good pair of Lee's, which fit me perfectly.

Flocon a dit…


Regarding Absolutey Fabulous, you must have seen that episode where Jennifer Saunders falls at Christian Lacroix's feet when he makes a cameo somewhere in the series.

I sort of remember this is when I paid attention to his works which I didn't know up to then. And I liked them.

"a perfectly good pair of Lee's, which fit me perfectly."

Polaire wearing jeans... Hmmmmm... let me dream...

Ned Ludd a dit…

Another song from a group I like, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, "Freakin' at the Freakers' Ball", the album is "Sloppy Seconds"(rather gross American slang that you might not find in the dictionary).

Shel Silverstein wrote most of their songs, not all of which are funny.


There are better versions, but this one has the words below.

Ned Ludd a dit…

I should add, listen to "Cover of the Rolling Stone", "Queen of the Silver Dollar", "Rocks Off" and others also.

Flocon a dit…


Je ne connaissais pas ce groupe et je ne sais pas s'il était connu en Europe, save in the UK bien sûr.

Certainement en Scandinavie toutefois puisque il y a des articles en suédois, danois, finnois en + de l'allemand et du néerlandais sur Wiki.

The lyrics definitively help...

Rocks off is a title by the Rolling Stones which I suppose they covered.

Queen of the silver dollar

When you're in love with a beautiful woman is great and I kinda remember I heard it at the time it was released.

Ned Ludd a dit…

No, actually the whole title is "Get My Rocks Off", which has nothing to do with the Stones.

Ned Ludd a dit…


Sorry there are no lyrics included here. Another good one is "Sylvia's Mother".


Flocon a dit…

These guys were playing good stuff indeed.

Were they the kind of blocks you would have fallen for? ☺

Some men need some killer weed, some men need cocaine
Some men need some cactus juice, to purify the brain
Some men need two women, some need alcohol
Everybody needs a little something, but Lord I need it all

To get my rocks off, get my rocks off
Get my rocks off the mountain, and roll 'em on down the hill

I may do you one time, and I may do you more
I may turn you into something, that you ain't ready for
I might want your body, and I might want your bread
I might want your momma to come visit me instead

And get my rocks off, get my rocks off
Get my rocks off the mountain, and roll 'em on down the hill

Sometimes I dream of chicks, to bring me ever lasting joys
Sometimes I dream of animals, sometimes I dream of boys
Sometimes I kill the living, sometimes I raise the dead
Sometimes I say just screw it all, and crawl back into bed

And get my rocks off, get my rocks off
Get my rocks off the mountain, and roll 'em on down the hill

Typically not a song for the Beach Boys...