dimanche 18 avril 2010

Ike, the anti-American president par excellence

I've been perusing Republican and conservative American blogs these last days.

O'd glory on every page of these blogs, as many « God bless America » as you want, Jesus is everywhere and He loves you, quotes from both the two Testaments, unconditional support to Israel, the right to carry firearms, Yourpins are commies our great Nation must at all cost be preserved from. A paranoid universe that's real scary.

But mainly, two themes are omnipresent : Freedom and our brave and glorious soldiers who protect said freedom.

As for the purported "freedom", from a country which practiced slavery for nearly half of its existence and deprived part of its citizens of civil rights for another century, I find that a little bit cheeky!

Many Americans pretend to be the champions of liberty but I fail to see how more free they are than Europeans, Japanese or South Americans.

Sure enough, they’re free to be fleeced by the financial system and the insurance companies, they're free to get shot down by any sicko happy-trigger (even inside churches), free not to benefit from a universal health care, or to be ousted from their houses because they can no longer pay the rents.

As for the brave and glorious soldiers who fight and have died to protect our freedom, isn't that what every single nation in the world could say about their respective armies and soldiers? In this insane cult of all things related to the army, the US has reached heights only matched by dictatorships.

And when was exactly the last time this happened???

In Iraq? In Afghanistan, in Somalia or in Nicaragua? Unless they mean the Vietnamese? The Korean war? How many American heroes died during the cold war with the USSR?

Were these countries ever a menace to American freedom? Even the Germans declared war on America due to the diplomatic ties they had with the Japanese who themselves attacked in Pearl Harbour, to protect what they thought was their sphere of influence. In any case, nor the Germans or the Japanese had any intention to invade the US and deprive Americans of their freedom.

The same for 1917-1918. And were the Phillipinos a threat to America in 1899? Or the Mexicans in 1848?

Fact is, Americans have never been threatened by anybody but the US is the country which has been the most bellicose and expansionist nation of the world during the last 200 years. They even managed to wage a civil war not even one century after the foundation of their country.

And they keep on repeating their mantra of freedom and our glorious soldiers every single day of the year.

What's more, it's not only the Rep who are inebriated with these myths, many a Democrat share this persecution delirium.

After 40 years of brainwashing Americans into fear of the enemies waiting for them at every corner of the planet, the military-industrial complex, through the US media and their politicians, have succeeded into making Americans believe the survival of their country was at stake and their beloved freedom with it.

Now, when he delivered his farewell adress, President Eisenhower warned his fellow citizens against the growing influence of the military-industrial complex and the dangers that went along.

Should Ike hold his famous farewell speech today, he will be considered a traitor and the worst possible anti-American by a fair share of Americans for want of delivering the security of America into the hands of its most merciless enemies (which ones?). Ike, the most revered American Prez for decades... (sigh)

Note : A gem I found on one of these blogs : "Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American GI. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom."

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ZapPow a dit…

I've been perusing Republican and conservative American blogs these last days.

OK. Now you can visit any looney house, il'll be a relief for you, masochist ;°)

Well, we've known for a long time right wingers have a very personal grasp of history, politics, morals, religion… Reagan has singlehandedly destroyed the Berlin's wall, Roosevelt is the cause of the great depression, and his policies have made it longer than necessary, Bush, one of the best president ever, has inherited a deficit, blah blah blah…

As for Jesus Christ, if the poor soul tried a comeback in the USA, they would put the damned hippie in jail, and condemn him for un-americanism.

Flocon a dit…

Masochiste peut-être mais je ne suis pas addict non plus... et puis il faut bien savoir How the other half lives...

"Now you can visit any looney house"

En passant, Jack London (qui est à mon sens le plus grand écrivain américain) a écrit une nouvelle sur les maisons d'aliénés. A short story dont je ne trouve pas trace dans WIKI anglais mais dont le titre il me semble est A night in the wardhouse.

"As for Jesus Christ, if the poor soul tried a comeback in the USA, they would put the damned hippie in jail, and condemn him for un-americanism"

Souvenirs, souvenirs...

Have a look here.

What do I read in the first paragraph?

Had Jesus Christ returned on earth, those Christians would have been ready to hang him for objecting the killing of a sinner.

Great minds etc. ;-D

Flocon a dit…

Incidemment c'est par une des chansons des Beatles que j'ai appris ce qu'était How the other half lives

Glass onion

Et la musique ici.

Les fondamentaux on n'en sort pas.

Anijo a dit…

I can't stomach to read the political blogs here or even the political talk shows on television these days. Even some of the more progressive blogs have a fair share of dumb comments. All of this business about how we're free and the best country in the whole wide world, on and on ad nauseum.

And speaking of politics et souvenirs. Il y avait une femme de Chicago assez Democrat qui a fait pleins de commentaires sur SF.com in the days... Ces jours-ci on dirait qu'elle avait devenu Republican car elle déteste Obama avec un passion incroyable. J'en ai marre de tous ces personnalités histroniques.

Anijo a dit…

By the way Flocon. Amusing your reference to Ike being anti-American. I'll have to remember this one.

Flocon a dit…


I know who you're thinking of and I too noticed the "hatred" that Obama is subjected to from the nun...

Well, when it comes to domestic politics one has to be a native (or an ancient expat) to have a say in these matters.

In the very beginning of this blog I wrote a post about American politics (as an outsider of course).

For what, I know the American president is currently credited with 80% positive opinion in France!

By the way, this post about Ike I also wrote last year (or was it sooner?) as an English version of parts of an other post in French.

Actually I don't remember safe that I didn't write it yesterday...

As you can see, the title is another display of my (bad) habit of being slightly provocative (for the sake of a good discussion).

I try to choose catchy titles for my posts...

Next time I'll have a try with John Wayne being the perfect embodiment of what an anti-American is!!!