vendredi 2 août 2013

O.B.L.'s triumph

Who could ever have thought an American citizen would someday be granted political asylum in Russia? And even more stunning, that Putin would ever appear like a guarantee of freedom and human rights and the US of A. as the new evil empire in the eyes of the world?

Remember when any defector from former USSR was instantly granted political asylum in the US and hailed as a hero who had the courage to defy the forces of darkness and tyranny?

Someday Edward Snowden will be revered as an American hero for his courageous adherence to the values the Founding Fathers wanted to be the ultimate symbol of the United States of America. Just compare how M.L.K was treated in the 60's and his posthumous status in contemporary America. Or think of Nelson Mandela who after decades behind bars is now a world icon of honesty and humanity.

After it had to apologize to the natives Indians, the interned Japanese of 1942, the black community and innumerable single individuals, the American administration someday will pay tribute to the whistle blower whom half the current American population wants to be hung and the other half considers like another American hero.

After the whole world has been exposed the sinister truth that it was under surveillance by American secret services of all sorts, the US is again viewed the world over as the bad guy and the most dangerous player on the international scene.

Just that is the eventual triumph of Osama Ben laden who instilled fear and paranoia in the American psyche to the point that the US engaged in two senseless wars, has spent trillions of $ and going, killed dozens of thousands of people in the Middle east and Afghanistan/Pakistan, assassinates hundreds and hundreds innocent people with its drones, has its economy on its knees and thinks terrorism as soon as it hears a sparrow winging in the night.

After Charlie Chaplin had to leave into exile because of the anticommunist frenzy America was a victim of 60 years ago, it is now Russia which appears like a heaven of freedom against the tyrannical spying powers of the US.

Well done Osama!

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Anijo a dit…

Another example:

Daniel Ellsberg

whom half the current American population wants to be hung and the other half considers like another American hero

I don't know about half and half. I'm not certain how I feel about this. I'm conflicted.

Flocon a dit…

The half/half part isn't mine as a matter of fact but a line I found in the most rated comment by readers of the NYT a couple of days ago on an article published after Snowden has been granted political asylum by Russia.

Of course, it's an image; the point of the person who wrote the comment was to underline the consequences of the policy that has been implemented post 9/11 when all American citizens are now under surveillance and potential suspects of terrorism.

Thanks for the tip re Daniel Ellsberg. I was too young at the time to know about American politics but I remember hearing about the Pentagon papers in the media, not knowing at all what it was about. Or maybe have I forgotten.

On Wiki, it says Ellsberg has written a piece in the Guardian in support of Snowden and also participates in activities in favour of Mannings (another futur American hero for some [SemperFidelis has let me known I can count him out on this one]).

Shall we talk? is being monitored by the NSA, no doubt about that.

Anijo a dit…

In that article you linked to, note at the end it says the following:
Suffolk County criminal intelligence detectives received a tip from a Bay Shore-based computer company regarding suspicious computer searches conducted by a recently released employee. The former employee’s computer searches took place on this employee’s workplace computer.

So it had nothing to do with the NSA. The former employer was no doubt afraid that the employee that they had 'released' might return and blow them up, so they alerted the local police.

Flocon a dit…

Yes, I know in this particular case the NSA wasn't involved but also the head of the local FEDs says that his team conducts similar investigations dozens of time per week.

As you know, the most terrible accident happening in Europe last month is the train derailment in Spain which caused 80 casualties. No terrorists involved though, the railroad engineer apparently made a huge, huge mistake.

Three months ago, the Boston marathon bombings eventually caused the death of 3 people. Since it was a "terrorist attack" the media went mad and covered this issue like it were another 9/11.

Just, how many people have been assassinated the same day in the Boston area? How many casualties have died in car crashes on the nearby roads? The bombing also could have been caused by a gas leak like is very often the case with a whole building being blown into rubbles but as long as it cannot be attributed to any "terrorist" everyone accepts that... well, c'est la vie, stuff happens.

This so-called war on terror has turned into a farce which is being used to keep the populace under control. The same rethoric has being used by all tyrannies the world over through the ages.

And now they're closing some embassies for a couple of days just to make people believe the surveillance policy is quite justified since it leads the governments to take the necessary measures in order to assure security.

I'm scared, I'm scared