vendredi 30 août 2013

Does Goldie know?

I've just discovered this segment of another film by Woody Allen with Goldie Hawn dancing with him on the quais next to the Pont de la Tournelle south of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Some visitors (and most Parisians) may not know that on the bridge stands a statue of Sainte Geneviève (yes, 1500 years ago) that was realised by a French sculptor best known for this other world known piece:

Did they tell Goldie?

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Flocon a dit…

I don't known how they did it with the shooting of this scene (not Hawn elevating in the air).

Unless they had the bridge closed and the quais on the right bank closed to pedestrians too because nobody can be seen where you would expect a crowd to contemplate the place. And nobody's watching from the windows of the buidings on l'île Saint Louis either.

Anijo a dit…


I read on the Wiki page that Numerous scenes of Highlander: The Series were filmed along the Quai de la Tournelle

I eventually ended up here and was reading the comments.

You might like this one:

We're seriously in depression mode right now, that's how much we miss Paris. In such a short time, it almost felt like our second home. Chalk that up to how welcoming and patient Parisiens are, I suppose.

Flocon a dit…


Je n'ai jamais entendu parler de cette série et je croyais que c'était une énième série américaine and now you direct me to Wiki where I learn it was a Franco/Canadian serial. Ouch, it hurts not to watch TV and be cut off the rest of the world.

The Only Highlander I could think of est le film de 1986.

What a drag it is getting old !

Flocon a dit…


If you want to fly high with music here's a clip interspersed with some very brief footages of Paris at a time when they didn't know how to build a video and filled the blanks with whatever images they could get hold on.

Enjoy ;-)

(Hardly did I know there was a pont Alexandre III à Paris when I was 15).

Anijo a dit…

What a beautiful picture of the pont Alexandre III !

Yes, that's a funky little video. Cute.