mercredi 31 juillet 2013

No One Knows What it Means

I've just discovered that video featuring two niggas in Paris and I went wondering what the two of them were saying.

I tried to decipher their message with the help of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson but it just didn't fit. The video is interesting though...

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Anijo a dit…

Oh my Flocon, what a video. I like rap and I like the sound and the images here, but the language... ouch. Very rough. The only two lines that had anything to do with Paris were the following:

If you escaped what I've escaped
You'd be in Paris getting f*ed up too

Excuse my French but I'm in France (I'm just sayin)
Prince William's ain't do it right if you ask me

Excuse his French indeed lol

Flocon a dit…

I'm not even sure I knew the names of these guys last week but apparently they're famous and successful. As for the "song", Wiki has an extended article about it.

I was surfing on the Internet the other day on the theme of African-American in France and this is where I found this piece mentioned.

Speaking of Paris, in the trailer of Midnight in Paris one can see a Vélib' at 0:28 (crossing the Champs-Élysées) and a station for the bikes at 1:42 with your favourite Parisian boutique to be seen at 1:59 (right of the screen). It is indeed very close to the rue Clément Marot. Ooops, another Vélib' at 2:17. And then, what do we notice at 2:33 on the left?

Anijo a dit…


Near the end of that 'song' is it Woody Allen who I hear saying "No one knows what it means"?

Anijo a dit…

Alors Flocon,

En parlant des Vélibs dans la vidéo, tu me fais le regarder encore une fois. Et en la regardant mon coeur weeps to again be in Paris.

Woody Allen has captured Paris so beeeaauuutttiiiffuullyy.

Anijo a dit…

Pis, honi soit qui mal y pense

Flocon a dit…

I don't think Woody Allen would have anything to do with rap in general or black people as well. Maybe the Midnight in Paris trailer has influenced your perception of sounds...

Now what Prince Willam would have to do with Paris is also beyond me. As they say themselves: "No One Knows What it Mean" ;-)