jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Reinforcing stereotypes

So last Sunday there was this protest in Paris by the traditional Catholics who oppose the possibility that homosexuals could have the right to marry.

These believers are among those who think that 1789 was the beginning of the end for France and that they are the ultimate worshippers of Jesus' bleeding heart.

Well, they're not exactly the people I feel spontaneously close to but if they want to protest so be it.

And then come less than ten topless girls wearing black veils similar to that of the nuns of yesteryear and spraying the protesters with their fire extinguishers filled with some kind of white smoke. The indication "sperm" is written on the fire extinguishers (see the pic).

Talk of a clever thing to do! What did the girls expect from such a counter protest but be brutalized and vilified? (one of them apparently lost a tooth). 

I fail to see how this sort of street action can be of any help to the feminist movement or the gay cause. For the majority of people it will be understood as another evidence that "feminists" are a bunch of hysterical banshees associated with queers.

What FEMEM does in Paris I don't know. None of the girls I've heard speak French and I have no idea of what they do in their spare time when they've finished parading half naked in the streets.

But yet I don't oppose their raison d'être and how they've deemed the most appropriate way to protest. I even suggest they march down the street where I live to protest the male chauvinist pig that lives here (me).

Go girls go!

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Anijo a dit…

Ukraine's Femen group stages topless rally in Paris

hmmm.. Note that they're all quite physically attractive. I'm thinking that they're just enjoying showing off their cute bods.

Anijo a dit…

Oh nevermind.. Some of them are not so attractive.. The press just showed the pretty ones.

It does seem rather crass to write 'f*ck god' on one's body. There must be a classier way to support gay rights.

Anijo a dit…

Wow...crazy wild protest.. lol

Flocon a dit…

How long would it take for the girls to be arrested by the police in N.M should they protest with their full attire (that is not much) against the local male chauvinist pigs?

Ned Ludd a dit…

Not reinforcing stereotypes were girls in the sixties known as The Plaster Casters. Best known was Cynthia Plaster Caster There is another interview with her too.

Anijo a dit…

How long would it take for the girls to be arrested by the police in N.M should they protest with their full attire (that is not much) against the local male chauvinist pigs?

As long as the protest is nonviolent, no problem.

Is it legal to wander around topless in Paris?

Anijo a dit…


Cynthia has an unusual website.

Apparently she has a plaster cast of the private part of Jimi Hendrix.

Anijo a dit…

This has nothing to do with stereotypes, but more with a protest of sorts..

Ned Ludd a dit…

Anijo, At 3:00 min in my link they show and tell about Jimi's cast.

I think maybe we're embarrassing Flocon.

Flocon a dit…

Ah mon Dieu! So they were true when they said that what girls talk about when they're by themselves can be horrific! I now can testify... It is hellish!

Anijo, here are more pics of the demo.

In the mean time, SemperFidelis who's not interested with girlie things has written a two part comment on tne A-bombing post.

Ned Ludd a dit…

The Holiday Season gives us a great number of stereotypes especially because of Fox News's invented "War on Christmas".

Here is how one woman handled the dispute over public displays of the religious kind that illegally invade our public spaces.

Pastafarian defends her rights before county commissioners.

It is also on Youtube