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They say it wasn't you


No introduction needed right? Bill went into some problems after he... but I diverge.

Only in America do you think? Oh no, the very same thing happened in the Elysée palace some months ago but about nobody knows about it.

Nobody? Not exactly though.

The facts have been reported in a book, Le monarque, son fils, son fief, on sale in every bookstore (I've just seen it no latter than yesterday) whose author is the former (female) assistant of a rightist politician of Armenian descent, another French politician from the extreme right who's held several ministerial posts under Chirac and Sarkozy.

The author, Marie-Cécile Guillaume was hostess of the Canal+ TV channel and spoke on another radio station here.

As far as I know, the only politician who (slightly) protested but didn't really deny Sarko asked and received a favor from another woman of his party is no other than the thug who's been previously mentioned here, another very rightist politician (of Hungarian descent like Sarko), another French rightist politician who's been convicted some years ago.

The whole media/politician world knows about it of course and that's it. 

Now the question is: Why hasn't this episode made the front pages of all French media?    

The answer is twofold in my opinion: 

- The overwhelming majority of French journalists is composed of entertainers who are completely ignorant of what journalism is supposed to be. Also, they're simple employees of media which is very dependant on politicians. They risk lose their job if they ask too precise questions or are slightly irreverent like the most famous anchorman in France has experienced with Sarko.

Also, after 40 years of Gaullism, Pompidolism, Giscardism and Sarkozism, there's a tradition of submission to the powerful ones among French journalists. This is a historical/societal issue but that is another topic yet.

- Globally speaking, I think Americans - as a whole of course - have it right when they see the French (toujours as a whole) as being very laxist about all things related to sex. There's simply no way the episode which took place in the Elysée palace could have stirred the passions like the affair between Bill and Monica did in the U.S. Indeed, in general the French wouldn't have been scandalised or shocked whatever, they would have considered this as a private affair between adults.

The fact that it took place in the Elysée Palace wouldn't have been much of an issue either and this may be questionable yet.

When the DSK affair broke out, it isn't so much the mere sexual part of the story which was the focus point of attention here but rather the accusation of rape and the way the American judiciary system would handle the case. For some months, some French media has tried to whip the interest of their audience with the sequel of the affair but rapidly said audience was fed up so the media let it at that.

So, to make a long story short, isn't it interesting to consider how two nearly identical cases are dealt with according to the country (read cultures) they took place in?

The overall depravity Americans (as a whole) consider the French society to be impregnated with may not be a completely erroneous appreciation after all.

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Anijo a dit…

Et voila Flocon qui met le sexe pour attirer les reponses..

Flocon a dit…

Are you sure the post will be centered around sex? Wiki tells me the charming black hair chubby innocent lamb on the left has graduated with a master's degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics. Why should she have anything to do with sex anyway?

And I don't even know who the girl on the right side of the pic is, really!

Pour attirer les réponses. No sex in the Court-martial post and it didn't work that well...

No sex in the Locks of love post and it didn't work that well either...

No easy task to run a blog and keep the customers satisfied ;-)

Anijo a dit…

Keep the customer satisfied

It's the same old story
Everywhere I go,
I get slandered,
I hear words I never heard
In the Bible
And I'm one step ahead of the shoe shine
Two steps away from the county line
Just trying to keep my customers satisfied,

Anonyme a dit…

>>Et voila
« Nous ne ferions jamais une chose si basse ! » :

>>No easy task
"But we'd never stoop that low!" :


Anijo a dit…

Aha Flocon. Jan has your number. ;)

Flocon a dit…


I knew Anijo would feel vindicated by your find but yet, mademoiselle Anijo sera bien surprise de constater qu'il s'agit effectivement d'un billet sur le sujet de la thèse de la personne aux cheveux noirs, psychologie sociale, In Search of the Impartial Juror: An Exploration of the Third-person effect and Pre-Trial Publicity!

And on second thought, said mademoiselle will regret that there is no sex in the post. This blog is a serious one, mind you ;-)

Ned Ludd a dit…

Tu peux apprendre de l'église catholique. En Allemange, elle possède une maison d'édition, Weltbild, qui édite des livres et DVDs pornos, et la moitié d'une autre, Knaur Droemer.

La prémière a une chiffre d'affaires de 2 milliards d'euros.

Aussi, personne ne peut enregistrer le site "" qui n'a pas été mise en vente par la socièté qui contrôle les noms. Mais on peut en faire des variations. Be creative.

Ned Ludd a dit…

D'après la traduction française du livre de Gianluigi Nuzzi Sa Saintété, 2500 titres pas très catholiques: Baisable, La pute de l’avocat, Pensionnat de salopes.

Voilà, quelques mots qui peuvent faire monter tes chiffres.

Flocon a dit…

Re Bill, je crois qu'il lui était aussi reproché d'avoir menti sous serment (comme Nafissatou Diallo alors?).

D'autres liens pur ceux que ça intéresse mais surtout pour montrer que l'affaire n'est pas secrète, qu'elle a été rapportée mais que personne ne s'en offusque.

Le Monde (note how the comments sont plutôt ironiques et rigolards.

Arrêt sur image.

Flocon a dit…


"Voilà, quelques mots qui peuvent faire monter tes chiffres."

Depuis que le billet Don't fence me in a été publié il y a 18 mois, il a reçu 8622 visites (as of today). The pic I chose for it may be an explanation.

Also, already at the time, Anijo suspected I was resorting to a basic marketing trick...

ZapPow a dit…

Viewing the French as natural pervs, or Americans stuck in the nineteenth century seems a little exaggerated. With the success of their porn industry, of Playboy, penthouse and other magazines, with Las vegas, the brothels of Nevada, the Americans would easily pass for pervs themselves. Would it be difficult to find examples of how the French are stuck in the 19th century ?

The is a divine truth in the article : "The overwhelming majority of French journalists is composed of entertainers who are completely ignorant of what journalism is supposed to be."

But I think it would be true of American journalists as well.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Je suis d'accord avec ZapPow. Je pense que une large majorité d'Americans'(sauf la Bible Belt) s'en fiche de Monica et d'autres histoires de sexe des hommes politiques, sauf si il y a une evidente hypocrisie.

Comme le Senator Republican qui cherchait des rencontres homosexuels dans les toilettes d'un airport, ou le télé-evangeliste qui dénoncait les pédés jusqu'a il était attrapé par telles rélations sexuelles.

Merci Flocon, d'après avoir ruiné ma journée il y a quelques semaines avec ce salopard de Balkany, maintenant tu ruines mon sommeil avec Devedjian, un gentil homme qui attaquait les anti-guerres avec l'Occident .

One time at least when he received his just desserts.

Les anciens de l'Occident se rétrouvent dans le groupe réactionnaire crée par Hervé Novelli, Les Réformateurs. Donc, tu ne peux pas me surprendre et m'embeter avec ce nom.

Flocon a dit…


J'ai supprimé la dernière phrase litigieuse qui doublonnait la conclusion déjà un peu provocatrice, d'autant que le sujet du billet est la différence de traitement médiatique d'un même fait divers d'un pays à l'autre.

On est au bord de l'impeachment à Washington et c'est le silence quasi absolu à Paris, ça vaut tout de même la peine d'être relevé je crois.

Pour ce qui concerne les journalistes, il en reste quelques-uns comme Pierre Péan, ceux du Canard et autres mais dans l'audiovisuel qui touche 99% de la population c'est nada.

Flocon a dit…

(Note to self,

No more post about French politics, it irks Ned,

No more post about sex, Anijo objects,

No more post about religion or Zionism, SemperFidelis coughs,

Considering no more post at all...=

Anijo a dit…

Note to Flocon:

Anijo, like most people, is interested about any post having to do with sex.

I do understand that as the man who runs this blog, you get slandered, libeled, you hear words you never heard in the Biblem just trying to keep your customers satisfied... satisfied.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Flocon, writing about French politics doesn't irk me, it's just the nasty surprise when I click on a link in those threads to fall face-to-face with a pictorel Horror.

I understand that people not really aware of French politics in detail, will not understand my reaction. I guess you have a stronger stomach than I do.

But your posts are useful in showing that if a god existed, he doesn't reward the virtuous, nor punish the evil-doers.

I would have liked to see a picture of the French Monica however.

Flocon a dit…


As regards the French Monica, you may be in for a shock though. The name that has been circulating on the web is that of the mayor of this French southern city where Chirac announced his bid for a second term in March 2002 (which is beyond the point re. your question).

Circulating on the web... Talk of the reliability of the information... but that's the only name that has surfaced afaik.

Did you know about this affair anyway?

Ned Ludd a dit…

Je connais Avignon, qui ne m'a pas impressionée. L'architecture est trop massive et brute. Je préfère Arles ou Nîmes.

Madame la maire n'est pas mal, mais j'imagine que Sarkozy aurait préferé la socialiste Elisabeth Guigou qui a perdu l'election pour ses caprices sexuelles.

Je me rappelle que dans l'après Mitterand, certains journalistes ont dit qu'elle étaient trop belle pour être élue présidente. A mon avis, ce n'a pas été une boutade ou de malveillence de ces journalists, mais une constation.

Enfin, elle était capable, mais déconsiderée par "les siens".

All I know about this affair is what I read here and afterwards on Rue 89.

For other readers, a Question for a Champion(a popular quiz show in France): What article of clothing is Nîmes famous for?

Flocon a dit…

Madame la maire n'est pas mal

There's no accounting for taste as some sharp mind once wrote...

j'imagine que Sarkozy aurait préferé la socialiste Elisabeth Guigou qui a perdu l'election pour ses caprices sexuelles.

The sentence is ok. (just that caprice being of the masculine gender -eh oui- it should be sexuel{le}s), but it means Guigou has lost the election because of her sexual fantasies...

I'm not sure this is what you meant Ned ;-)

Guigou is the very incarnation of la gauche caviar, celle je crois qui a inventé l'expression incivilité, comme on dit dans le VIIe où elle habite, pour qualifier un "passage à tabac" (rough encounter with a thug) ou un crachat au visage...

Other than that, she's cold as a deep frozen cucumber. But there's no accounting for taste as everyone knows...

Flocon a dit…

"Question pour un Champion"

The answer is to be found on Wiki of course and also the link with a northern Italian port city whose name is associated with the French city you mention for the same article of clothing.

ZapPow a dit…

The quiz is easy : denim (de Nîmes).

Ned Ludd a dit…


J'ai réalisé au moment de poster que ma phrase avait un prolème et était mal construite, mais c'était trop tard.

C'est bête parce que en anglais l'erreur est la même.

Flocon a dit…


C'est parce que ta phrase est une amphibologie

Flocon a dit…

As pertains the title of the post, it derives from this as everyone will have recognised

Ned Ludd a dit…

One learns every day. At your Beatles link, in the song they say, "I saw the light", which has a double meaning.

Also the first comment is informative for a non-musician like me but says, "Being a musician, she asked the right guy." Who is the musician referred to?

Flocon a dit…

Ooops, I didn't remember you asked a question Ned... sorry about the delay, and yet my policy is to always answer to comments, querries, existential interrogations et al...

Also the first comment is informative for a non-musician like me but says, "Being a musician, she asked the right guy." Who is the musician referred to?

Err... I think the guy who posted the comment is actually speaking of himself here, sort of boasting.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Flocon, I was just trying to show that the sentence is badly constructed and that it is the mistake I made in French, as you pointed out. I'm sure the writer is referring to himself as the musician, but the way he wrote it leaves ambiguity. Everyone is limited to a certain number of characters on YT and tries to take shortcuts. It would be better if he said "Me being a musician..." or
ending " I am a musician."