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The idea for this post comes from a regular who twice, if not thrice, wrote: "The Israelis don't threaten to cut off the heads and hands of the infidels until the non-believers drown in a sea of blood and their seed is wiped out from the earth." 

If I'm not mistaken, the hidden message here is that the innate-Jews-hater-Muslims do actually threaten to cut off etc.

So, am I invited to understand that 2.6 million American citizens are potential murderers and fanatic zealots threatening to cut off the heads and hands etc?
Well, as usual it's all a matter of context and circumstances but the interesting point is that the foundation of Judaism - and not Islam but I may be wrong about that - is based on the story of an attempted infanticide. Talk of a message of peace and love for a start!

This foundation myth of Judaism is as {{mode ironic on}} elaborate and sophisticated {{mode ironic off}} as the pledge (retarded) teen-agers engage reciprocally into when they stitch each other's fingers and press together their two tiny drops of blood, swearing an eternal friendship or even love. Until the girl meets a handsome guy with a brand new Japanese moped two weeks later, unless it is the boy who meets a girl with bigger bumpers. Ah, love...

This notion of engagement through blood, with all the symbolic that is attached to it, is a universal archaic meme that corresponds to an early stage of mental development. No need to expand here, all the details are available on the Internet. 

Just remember the people for whom the Old Testament was written many, many years ago, were mere illiterate uneducated peasants whose maturity would compare to that of 7 year-old contemporary children. The message had to be simple and striking: Dady could kill me and was about to but wew... God intervened at the very last second. Wow, thank God, I owe you my life.

Now, there are two types of persons here: 

- Those who do really believe the scene as depicted in the Genesis is one that actually took place. Alas, these people are beyond any possible rehab I'm afraid.

- Those who do not dare think it is a fabrication since the Jewish law holds that it was dictated by God (no less) to Moses (yes, himself in person) on top of Mount Sinai. Not much different from the former methinks...

Quoiqu'il en soit, aucun parent, hormis peut-être les pires des fanatiques avec trois lignes de coke dans le pif (et encore), n'est prêt à jouer la scène d'Abraham et d'Isaac. Le Judaïsme ne leur demande d'ailleurs pas mais par contre ce qu'il attend des fidèles c'est une obéissance absolue et incontestée même et surtout vis-à-vis de l'incompréhensible. Juifs ou Chrétiens, "les voies du Seigneur" etc..

Apprentissage de la soumission dès la naissance en parallèle à l'affirmation d'une différence d'avec les autres fondée sur leur nature essentiellement différente et marquée définitivement par la circoncision. And they complain and lament that they've been rejected and ostracised by all other peoples of the earth for the past 2000 years. 

Hmmm... I wonder why really.

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Ned Ludd a dit…

Bob Dylan:

Oh God said to Abraham, “Kill me a son”
Abe says, “Man, you must be puttin’ me on”
God say, “No.” Abe say, “What?”
God say, “You can do what you want Abe, but
The next time you see me comin’ you better run”
Well Abe says, “Where do you want this killin’ done?”
God says, “Out on Highway 61”

A little irony, Bob's father was named Abraham.

Highway 61 Revisited

In a debate about morals, Christopher Hitchens said the best example of moral behavior in the Bible that the xians and Jews could think of was gratuitous infanticide.

Flocon a dit…

Shame on me but Dylan's repertoire is next to totally unknow to me save perhaps Lay Lady Lay, Girl from the North Country and maby one or two other titles.

Believe it or not, this is the first time I hear that song, though the title I've known for over 40 years. And I thought the 61 number related to the year 1961 since I believed it was the year Dylan issue its first album ô-Ô ...

And I had to see what Wiki says about the meaning of it all. Still, isn't really crystal clear though...

Bonne idée de donner ce lien d'autant que j'apprends qu'un de ses fils s'appelle Samuel Isaac Abraham (né le 30 juillet 1968).

Honestly, I don't understand at all what this is all about. Is there any meaning here or is he "simply" playing with words on a surrealistic mode???

As far as I know Dylan's Jewish but then he converted to Christianity 30 years ago or sth.

Là encore, je confesse que ça me dépasse totalement qu'on passe d'une religion à l'autre. This is totally beyond my feeble intellectual abilities.


Hitchens has it right here again, this blood thingie is a blatant illustration of the archaïc/ infantile drive of about all religions.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Bob is said to have gone through a xian period, but with him you never know. Joan Baez, who probably knows him as well as anyone, said she prided herself in thinking she could know about people, but she said she never understood Bob.

I think that his "xian period" was just to try another form of music, as he did when he went from acoustic folk to electric rock, and he did country too. There is no predicting him, even musicians who work with him get puzzled.

His songs sometimes tell a real story like "With God on Our Side" or "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol" or love/sad songs like "Don't Think Twice, it's alright" and other times are as you suggest surrealist like "Subterranean Homesick Blue", "113th Dream" or my favorite "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall". Actually I think that one is somewhere in between.

His surrealistic ones are just so beautiful for his use and combination words. He is America's best poet. Shame on you.:), not knowing Dylan is like not know Gainsbourgh.

There is a minor industry among some hardcore fans of trying to find meaning in those songs. A lost cause.

There is a funny story told by Joan that one day in a hotel room she sang "Love is Just a Four Letter Word". Bob asked her, that's a good song, who wrote it? He had forgotten that he had written it.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Got to add more. David Crosby(I think)of the Byrds who did many Dylan covers said that I first he didn't care for Dylan. Then he heard "Mr. Tambourine Man", a surrealist one, and heard the line: "Standing beneath that diamond sky with one hand waving free." Crosby said, now I get it, gee I wish I had written that.

Probably Dylan's most famous song is Blowin' in the Wind. It was a sort of anthem for the Civil Rights Movement. I better stop now, as you can see I could go on and on about Dylan.

Anonyme a dit…

>>not knowing Dylan


Ned Ludd a dit…

Jan, that is too funny! Not knowing what vinyl is.

Flocon a dit…


I remember reading that news when the incident happened.

I don't mock that girl.

She was 22 at the time (born in 1987) and her parents weren't perhaps not yet even born themselves when Dylan was rising to fame over 20 years before, say 1965. Not everybody would have instantly recognised him on the street, he was 68 by then, 3 times the age of the girl.

That his name was unknown to her is also quite possible. I swear I could meet some French football player that about everyone knows save me, and also not knowing his name.

And the same goes with actresses or singers whatever, apparently very famous among young people or not so young, it's just a question of interest and generations.

She didn't know what vynils were? She probably has never seen one in her life.

It is also possble that she wasn't the brigthest mind in the rank of this police department

Now, the comments on the Mail on line seem to more focus on the fact that it is possible to get arrested and detained in New Jersey simply because some people find you "suspicious".

I notice in the Mail Online report that one of the officers purportedly said:

" 'If it was me, I'd have been demanding his autograph, not his ID.

Demanding? really?

Flocon a dit…

My ignorance of Dylan's repertoire is easy to understand though.

My two first pop/rock albums I bought on April 28th 1968. Sgt Pepper and Oldies but Goldies.

1° Stereo LP at the end of the 60's cost 22 Fr. (1 fr less for mono album I precisely rember) which are 23 € of 2012. Don't know about you but I didn't have that much pocket money when I was 16 and certainly couldn't afford to engage into shopping spree, far from it.

2° There were only 2 TV channels at the time and they were State controlled (by the likes of Pompidou/Chirac/Sarkozy and their ilks). No way one could watch or hear the British groups save for the sake of mocking the Beatles' long hair or the Stone provocations. Same thing for the radios. There was ONE (not two) State controlled Radio + 2 private channels outlawed in France but emitting from Luxemburg and Germany.

British music was next to prohibited, alors la musique américaine... Jimmy Hendryx, Bob Dylan et all were next to unknown in Gaullist France, partly thanks to that man whose sympathetic figure lets everyone imagine how open he was to change, freedom, open-mindedness. Quel salopard celui-là encore!

Yes, I'm talking about France, not North Korea, Iran or Cuba.

3° Contrary to the British groups, Dylan isn't so much a musician with catching melodies, great instrumental abilities and orchestration, but a poet writing in English which of course means that his audience is de facto limited to English speakers in the first place.

Finding the lyrics of his songs was next to mission impossible before the Internet, that is hardly 15 years ago, as simple as that.

And even if I could have get hold on the lyrics of Highway 61 Revisited, what would have I done with?

After I was 20, 30 etc. I sure had other fishes to fry than to try to make up for lost time on this issue...

C'est la vie comme disent les Américains :-)

Also, neither Sinatra nor Presley did make it in Europe, save perhaps in the UK (not even sure of that)

Ned Ludd a dit…

Flocon, I was about to make the same comment you did. In today's America a single old man walking in the street in the middle of the afternoon is considered suspect by some of the inhabitants who call the police.

It is an indication of the level of paranoia that one finds there nowadays. My mother's neighborhood is almost all white. I walk around it even at night with no trouble. I wonder what might happen to me if I were Black or Latino, even in the middle of the day.

Ned Ludd a dit…

For more on the origins of Judeo-Christian-Muslim world, Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai is a good place to look.

"This exhaustive exploration of the Hebrew myths and the book of Genesis resulted from a remarkable collaboration between one scholar raised as a strict Protestant and one raised as a strict Jew. It goes beyond Christian biblical and Judaic myth and incorporates midrashes, folk tales, apocryphal texts, and other obscure sources to extend and complete the stories. An intriguing view of the suppressed and censored pre-biblical accounts is the result, along with a rich sense of a culture consisting of oral and literary traditions, where the spiritual is deeply rooted in landscape and history."

All religions, but especially the monotheistic ones, seem based on blood, submission, authority, and elimination of "enemies". Muslims are supposed to kill apostates and in Pakistan it is not even a crime to do so.

Like some Muslims, there are current Jewish sects that see themselves as engaged in jihad, as I linked to Amalek at Wiki earlier. "The Palestinians have been associated with Amalek since 1974 when Rabbi Moshe Ben-Tzion Ishbezari of Ramat Gan made the association in a book.[19]The equation began to circulate in Gush Emunim circles, and its full implications were spelled out by Rabbi Yisrael Hess in 1980.[20] A former campus rabbi of Bar-Ilan University, Hess published in the university's student paper in February 1980 an article on "The Genocide Commandment in the Torah",[21] in which he concluded that:

'The day is not far when we shall be called to this holy war, to this commandment of the annihilation of Amalek.'

Hess's reference to Amalekites was later taken in Israel to be an allusion to the Palestinian Arabs, especially since he spoke of a jihad.

'Against this holy war God declares a counter jihad . .in order to emphasise that this is the background for the annihilation and that it is over this that the war is being waged and that it is not a conflict between two peoples. . HGod is not content that we annihilate Amalek -'blot out the memory of Amalek' - he also enlists personally in this war . .because, as has been said, he has a personal interest in this matter, this is the principal aim.'[22]"

Flocon a dit…

You probably have heard of the admission by an Israeli Minister that Ahmanidejad never said "Israel must be wiped off the map".

In the comments, a certain number of readers dismiss the information as irrelevant on the basis that, whatever the exact wording was, Ahmanidejad and Iran are nonetheless bent on destroying Israel.

The same voices who would use the fake quote attributed to Ahmanidejad precisely as the basis of their conviction, when faced with the fact that their basis was erroneous, now have the front to discard their previous trump card and still state that Iran is bellicose and its intentions are clear enough anyway.

Simply where do they find elements that Iran has any intention to go to war???

And now, dozens of millions Americans believe hard as rock that Ahmadinejad's ultimate goal is to wipe Israel off the map like other dozens of Americans, and elsewhere probably, are dead sure WMD's have been found in Irak.

In the propaganda department, there also was the "testimony" of the daughter of a former ambassador in Iraq about the barbarians destroying incubators in nurseries, slaughtering new-born babies etc.

In the meantime, Roger Cohen in the NYT, quietly takes for granted that the U.S will attack Iran like it were a household name international way of handling things.

"I expect the U.S. military response to be swift and devastating".

And I thought the Ruskies were the bad guys when there's a terrorist State que le lobby sioniste mène par le bout du nez pour parvenir à ses propres fins racistes et suprémacistes.

Flocon a dit…

The readers' comments in the NYT are always a pleasure to read.

This is from Edmond, OK:
" I happen to be tired of Israel rattling the sabres all the time and making the good ole USofA part of our political process. The Christian crazies seem to think we "owe" Mother Israel a debt of gratitude for bringing us the Old Testament and Jesus. Well let me tell you we owe them nothing at all and especially when they want to take our young people and make them cannon fodder. They chose to live among the enemies because of some misguided ideas that they belonged there and then they robbed the Palestine people of their rights."

Most of the commenters strongly disapprove of Cohen's rethoric.
It's encouraging to see guilt and blackmail seem to have outlived their potentially disruptive effect upon a growing number of Americans.

ZapPow a dit…

Beh ! Ton régulier, il n'a jamais vraiment lu la Bible ?

Flocon a dit…


Une trouvaille! je ne me suis pas engagé dans cette voie vu que je n'ai jamais lu la Bible ni aucun texte religieux mais je me souviens que SF avait des citations à la pelle pour précisément contredire les ceusses qui faisaient ce type de distinction entre Chrétiens et Musulmans ou Juifs.

Le site est bien fait, je l'ai parcouru et il a réponse à tout et pour tous les cas. Une véritable encyclopédie du machisme, du sadisme, de l'arriération, de la violence mentale et physique, de la haine de l'intelligence et de l'esprit critique.

Plus dangereux certainement que Mein Kampf qu'il se trouve que j'ai lu dans une édition d'avant-guerre quand j'avais 17/18 ans à peu près et qui ne m'a pas incité à envahir la Pologne ou à m'armer pour flinguer le premier Juif/Tzigane venu.

Mais dis donc, au bout du compte, ce sont bien les Musulmans salafistes et autres extrémistes comme les Lubbavitch et leurs amis plus orthodoxes que moi tu meurs qui sont les vrais croyants qui respectent the holly scriptures.

Les Chrétiens modernes sont des imposteurs apostates en fait...

Ned Ludd a dit…

Is Obama actually trying to offend and provoke Muslims, Obama State Fair Visit: In Iowa, President makes Time for Pork Chops and Beer and during Ramadan!

Bob Dylan Songs is where you can find most of his lyrics. There is a reactionary group in the U.S. called The John Birch Society. In the sixties Dylan refused to appear on the most popular variety program, "The Ed Sullivan Show" because the producers refused to allow him to sing "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues".