mardi 17 juillet 2012

How did their mothers raise them?


In my opinion, comedies are much closer to reality than are dramas. We may, to a certain extent, identify with the characters of dramas but we know dramas are fictions and we next to never actually live situations like those represented in, say, Casablanca, Rain man, Gone with the wind etc. you name them.

Everybody is supposed to be amused with comedies and generally is because comedies resort to a theme that is several thousand years old (to say the least), that is relations between men and women and, contrary to dramas, more or less everybody's concerned here.

In particular, there's an absolute and universal constant within this theme and it is the incredible propensity of men - whatever their age - to behave like they were 15 year old kids if not rightly 7 year old children.

Think of the Simpsons for example where Marge rolls her eyes about ten times in each episode (granted, Homer is hmmm... "different" but yet).

Or TV ads, where men are so often portrayed like irresponsible kids who would be lost without their wives and women are depicted as the real and only grown ups.

Why is it that men are so easily prone to regress and act like helpless creatures who want either to impress their wives/girls friends or arouse the maternal instinct of their partners? Haven't their mothers loved them enough?

And women? Why do they next to never regress and only for several months perhaps but certainly not to the point men do when they eventually act like toddlers? Have their fathers loved them all enough?

Could it be that mothers refuse to hand their sons over to other women and program them like time bomb other women will have to deal with?

Hmmm... life is so complicated. I know what I'm talking about anyway, I'm a great offender myself!

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Anijo a dit…

And for every 'great' woman, a man is rolling his eyes.

Anijo a dit…

In the end, what is 'great' ? ... it's a matter of opinion..

Anonyme a dit…

>>what is 'great'?


Anijo a dit…

ha ha! Good one Jan. ☺

Flocon a dit…

Greatness having nothing to do with the post I've changed the pic courtesy PhotoShop.

Unfortunately, Jan's link seems to be blocked here in France (Europe?)

Anonyme a dit…

>>I know what I'm talking about
"Everybody loves me, baby", 1971:


Flocon a dit…


Once again I can't access to your video, for some reason my computer has stopped opening videos for over a week now.

I am afraid I soon will have to reinstall the whole business and it's not like I enjoy doing this.

It takes something in the range of three hours because all updates that have been produced by Windows since I purchased the computer (5 years ago) must be downloaded.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Jan's first link caused my anti-virus to go berserk. I just tried again and got the same message of a major threat.

The second link worked.

The stuff I mentioned before, AVG anti-virus and ZoneAlarm firewall work. One or the other gives me these messages. It is ZoneAlarm that sometimes tells me "Get me out of here now".

Flocon, before you reinstall, do a search with google or another search engine, or even Microsoft and ask a question about it. Someone might have an alternative. I have used this method often.

It takes some time, but not as much as reinstalling. Also check your computer for backup points and click on the one that you had before the problem. Maybe try this first. It goes back to the installation you had before the problem appeared.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Let me add more, the back up points are usually added automatically.

Another thing to try to install the latest versions of Shockwave and Adobe Flash. Just go to the sites, they are free and necessary for most internet videos.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Sorry, but I keep forgetting things. you should probably also install the latest version of Java, which you can find at the Sun Java site.

After installing it, you can uninstall earlier versions. Probably there are other things I will remember later.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Flocon, encore sur les points de restauration(backup points). Clique sur démarrer>tous les programmes>accessoires>outils système>restauration du système

Suive les instructions.

Aussi, tu peux essayer démarrer>panneau de configuration>système.

Une foi dans système clique le tab matériel et après gestionnaire de périphériques. Il y a une liste où tu peux verifier s'il y a un problème avec un element.

Il y a aussi un tab de restauration de système.

Peut-être tu as réçu 2 ou 3 CDs avec ton ordinateur. Un peux avoir des logiciels à installer. Vois si tu as un qui a des pilotes(drivers)et essaye de reinstaller des pilotes qui controlent les logiciels média.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Flocon, comme j'ai dit, j'oublie toujours quelque chose. Si tu as un anti-virus qui permet de scanner ton système. Mets scan système en marche. Cela peux prendre 1 à 3 heures et ensuite tu auras une liste de ménaces, s'il y en a, et si c'est un bon AV, il te permet de les éliminer.

Flocon a dit…

En fait j'ai déjà utilisé les back up points a couple of weeks ago when the purported "gendarmes" had taken control of my computer and it worked smoothly.

So why has this problem appeared some days after that of course I have no idea.

Anyway, the back up restoration didn't work this time so I've downloaded Flashplayer again and after some difficulties it eventually went well and I could watch the videos.

Alas, no longer than some minutes ago when I switched the comput on, the situation has gone back to what it was previously: the videos don't play :-(

Could it be that the "major threat" I was warned of did materialize? After all it was a matter of video wasn't it?

I'll follow your advice re Shockwawe, Zone alarm, Sun java et al. but I'm afraid I'm in for some real trouble now...

I have also McAfee which regularly scans the system but this time it has been to no avail.

Coincidentally (?), your advices are posted on this particular topic where apparently it is the grown-up feminine character who tells the helpless kid how to proceed in order to save the situation... I know this the place where I answer Jan but yet...

Flocon a dit…

Uh? And now it works again?????

Go figure!

Flocon a dit…


Of course I don't know if it's the link you gave that was cause of the problem, all the more since it worked for Anijo who found it funny. Alas, it looks like I won't know how funny your link was :-(

Anyway, apparently the situation is back to normal now :-)

Ned Ludd a dit…

Glad to hear it. McAfee is far from the favorite AV used. To find comparisons, go to CNET:

Anijo a dit…


Jan linked to a satire news story. The first few paragraphs are as follows:

For years, Frosted Flakes cereal has been peddled to consumers by having a cartoon tiger named Tony proclaim "They're great", a claim that up until recently has never been challenged.

In a landmark case tried and decided earlier today, a California small claims court judge ruled against Kellogg's, makers of Frosted Flakes, stating that their mascot Tony the Tiger had mislead the public with claims their cereal was "Great" when it was really just "satisfactory". The plaintiff in the case, industrial waste disposal specialist John Smelt, was awarded $2.50 in damages, the full price including tax of a box of Frosted Flakes he purchased earlier that week.

"This wasn't about getting my money back, this was about the principal of the matter," said Smelt following the decision. "For years, Tony the Tiger has been running around proclaiming that Frosted Flakes are great when in fact, they are not. I shudder to think how many people have been duped by this clever ploy."

Anijo a dit…

Saw this picture which reminded me of this post.

Flocon a dit…

Oh mon Dieu! Is that some sort of self-"portrait" Anijo?

Don't move! I'm on the next plane to Mesilla. No wait! I need Ned's own self-portrait so I can plan my trip. But don't move anyway.

Hegel notwithstanding, I love these twins!

Anijo a dit…

Ha! No self-portrait, not at all. Not even close. Perhaps you'll have better luck with Ned.

Flocon a dit…


I have to talk to you. Yes, Haikku. Hmmm... some points I want to discuss with you...

Ned Ludd a dit…

Anijo, are you trying to show that men are good at multi-tasking and they can assimilate at least two things simultaneously?


Flocon, go ahead but I have read the English and French wikis about Haiku and I have some difficulties. Most interesting is the relation between the Japanese "on" and the English "syllable".


Anijo a dit…

I guess that the boobs caught the attention so much that what was written beneath the pic went unnoticed:

Boobs: Proof that men CAN focus on two things at once.

Flocon a dit…

Proof that men CAN focus on two things at once.

In that case I'll add that men can focus on three, five, ten, hundreds and millions of the same things. But not too much of it though.

Ned Ludd a dit…

Bill Maher criticizes two of the dumbest American politicians, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, said, "It isn't because they have breasts, it's because they are boobs."

Flocon a dit…

Funny indeed.

A lame attempt in French just crosses my mind:

ce n'est pas parce qu'elles ont des nichons mais parce que ce sont des cornichons

(j'ai honte, je sors)