dimanche 6 mai 2012

I Confess

Yes, I confess I was kind of addict (I wouldn't have killed anybody not to miss an instalment though) to this sitcom twenty years ago... 

Men and women relationship has been the number one topic for dozens thousands of years in China as well as in Egypt, among the Incas as well as among the Celts and probably the cave men. Not sure about the humor said cave men could instil into sex relations though...

Of course I had never heard the original voices of Judith Light, Tony Danza et al.
(They've just cut the episode into three parts; one must see the end of part two in order to understand the beginning of this one)

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Anijo a dit…

I do admit that I would have never imagined you enjoying watching this sitcom. That said, I will confess that I have an affinity for two situation comedies of a similar genre.

Flocon a dit…

Hmmm... I've done some research in my personal archives. As a matter of fact, I used to watch this program during the summer of 1990.

I've probably seen twenty something episodes which only goes to show I still was young enough to believe I coud waste my then not so precious time.

No computer at that time and no Wikipedia or blogs to keep everyone entertained...

Mais à dire vrai cette série n'était pas d'une particulière qualité et ne reste pas dans ma mémoire comme un temps fort de mon éveil intellectuel, artistique ou politique to say the least...

The best and brightest series that I ever watched was this one before I was 16... which led me into believing that Patrick McGoohan was English...

Ned Ludd a dit…

I am led to think that you liked "Les Filles à coté" as well. No accounting for taste.

The best and brightest series I have ever watched were the British "Yes, Minister" and the American "Dream On". The former can be found on youtube Yes Minister

Unfortunately I have not found the latter. There is a site that has some episodes but it is not available in France. Dream On

In the 90's Canal Jimmy broadcast the series and I have lots of VHS of it.

Flocon a dit…


Les Filles d'à côté... lol...

Just how do you know this series existed Ned? Soupçons... Is it because you find one of the actors... hmmm... interesting?

When I was in London between sept 84 and mai 85 there was a series that was aired but apparently it wasn't "Yes Minister", I've checked the dates on Wiki and it seems not to fit.

De ce que je connais, les Anglais sont champions des séries télé (moins bon au cinéma though,l'un expliquant sans doute l'autre).

Anonyme a dit…


//When I was in London between sept 84 and mai 85 there was a series that was aired but apparently it wasn't "Yes Minister", I've checked the dates on Wiki and it seems not to fit.//

Most interesting. I was living and working in London at that time. My office was at 7 North Audley Street, just off Grosvenor Square. I had a house in Rickmansworth. My favorite town pub was the "Bunch of Grapes" in Mayfair. Great wine list.


Flocon a dit…

Actually, this is where I was living from Sept. to December 1984 and then here from January until May 1985.

Greater London, which means it was rather far away from the City, Westmister etc.

Public transportaion was quite expensive when compared to Paris and it would take sthg like half and hour to get to the center.

Anyway, the first location (Richmond) was dreamlike and fit all the clichés about life in England, cottages, parks, clean environment et al.

As a Parisian, I was suprised twice a day to observe the tides going up the Thames, something which of course doesn't happen 1 mile from where I currently type this comment.

As a Parisian, I was very cross to not be able to sit in a café and stay for as long as I would have wished.

You certainly remember the closing bell thing at 11pm (a law which has now been abrogated).

Next to all of my life, I've led a bohemian style existence and my eight months stay over there probably was the highlight of it.

Not particularly because of the Brits' warmth, but rather due to my expectations which were met.

Ah souvenirs...

Ned Ludd a dit…

Flocon, I thought you might watch "Les Filles" for this actress.

Cécile Auclerc

I doubt that such a scene ever appeared in the series, which I sometimes see in zapping late at night.