dimanche 3 août 2014

Freedom of speech (cough... cough...)

 "A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing". This line is a perfect summary of the current situation in the middle-east. Now add to this the blurring that is made of words telling the tale and you get the perfect description of sheer madness.

Just the word "anti-Semitism" is used in a sense completely different of its true meaning (look up at Wikipedia) and is simply absurd since it would mean being opposed to the people living in that region, notwithstanding their faith, Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Who actually is "anti-Semitic"?

An atheist trusts reason and not faith, why should h/s have any sympathy or respect for believers of the flying spaghetti monster or any form of obscurantism and superstition? Is philosemitism (actually meaning a particular love for Judaism) mandatory? Why should reason defer in front of people who believe they have been chosen by the god they made and consider the rest of humanity as somehow different of them? Why should reason bow in front of people who assert they deserve a special and privileged treatment just because they believe they are the descendants of 12 tribes of peasants, fruit pickers and cattle raisers?

The decision to set up a Jewish State in the middle of the Muslim world in 1948 was the most insane thing to do, akin to moving Vatican city in the vicinity of Mecca. Chaos guaranteed until the end of times that is until Israel collapses and vaporizes all its neighbours when it disappears, and sure it will like the IIIrd reich was meant to last 1000 years.

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Flocon a dit…

This text had been posted on the New York Times online edition August the 2nd where it gathered 25 "recommend" before it was deleted after some 24 hours. T'was on an article by Roger Cohen which, too, has now disappeared but I suppose it will back on line in the next future though.

Hmmmm..., just saying. There were other comments much, much more critical than mine though. Go figure...