jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Behind the curtain

So, the British embassy in Teheran has been stormed and rampaged by something like 50 or more "students" (read henchmen of the secret police).

Bad, very, very bad and totally indefensible in terms of international law and diplomacy.

The Iranian government has deliberately attacked the innocent British one. See how irresponsible, unreliable warmongers the Iranians are? And these people want to build the atom bomb? Now wait, something must be done about it...

This is approximatively the message I get from the media and I also notice that no attempt to explain the "why" have been even tried.

1°) As pertains to international law, one must be very naive to believe any government is plainly and totally respectful of treaties that have been agreed upon. Speaking of the U.K or the U.S, what about the 1953 Iranian coup d'état, the Vietnam war, the Iraq war or whatever episode in the history of these two countries? The same goes of course for Russia, China or France during the Algerian war.

2°) The question is: why did the Iranian govt. act the way it did? If the overwhelming majority of the general public has no idea and probably doesn't care, the people in charge among the diplomatic services the world around certainly have some clue about the whole affair.

Internal rivalries inside the Iranian regime? A war faction against a peace one? Who benefits the incident? Is Israel absolutely unrelated with it? The Iranians are no fool and there is or rather, there must be some rationale that we're not aware of.

In these matters, there are always, always, two stages: the one for the general audience (which by now can be counted by the hundreds of millions) and the one behind the curtain for the insiders.

Not being an insider I have no idea of course save one: I certainly don't buy what the media want us to believe and most of them probably don't know the how and why of the message they transmit.

(To be fair, I haven't tried to see what's to be read in the printed version of Le Monde, Libé or other papers. Quite unprofessional from me...)

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Ned Ludd a dit…

Don't forget Reagan's creation of the terrorist Contras to destroy the elected government of Nicaragua. Even ex-CIA chief Stansfield Turner declared it to be "state sponsored terrorism".

There is also the notorious School of the Americas(now renamed)which trained Latin American soldiers in fighting and using torture for all the various dictators in the region.

Flocon a dit…

Tu as du mérite de faire un commentaire sur ce billet which should never have been written. Ça n'a ni queue ni tête, c'est parler (écrire) pour ne rien dire... I'm not proud of myself.

It happens that I woke up at 4 am last night, with the idea and some sentences in English (that's why I wrote it in English mit einer kolossale mistake now corrected)...

I should be more demanding with myself :-(

Ned Ludd a dit…

Je n'ai pas voulu dire que c'était n'importe quoi. Tu l'as trouvé toi-même.

Pour l'avenir en musique, Joan Baez qui chante Le Déserter

Et Phil Ochs qui chante I ain't a marchin anymore